Dark Night Of The Soul

Depressed On Your Spiritual Journey? It may be the Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual awakening is not a straight road. Oftentimes to get to the next level of awakening, the soul, the mind, and the body all go through transformations that not always easy. One of more challenging parts of awakening that many go through is called “the dark night of the soul”.

When this period comes, it brings in long-lasting waves of depression, anxiety, or other negative emotions. Often there are no real-life reasons for these feelings. And a lot of times, it is not a physical or mental issue. What it is—is an event completely spiritual in its nature. It is your soul feeling tired and antsy to do and be more in life. It wants to grow and awaken your life to what can be.

If you have been feeling low or anxious, but are not sure if the dark night of the soul is what you are going through, here are some other symptoms that you need to know.

Confusion: Who Am I?

The first, most common symptom of the dark night of the soul is a general sense of confusion—confusion about who you are, what life is, and what to do next. As you awaken, you may not be drawn to the same people or activities anymore. What used to bring you fun, seems like it is missing something.

This happens because when you live an “un-awakened” life, it often means you are drawn to things that do not serve you; that do not make your soul happy and fulfilled. As soon as the dark side of the soul begins, you start to question your whole life and it suddenly becomes unsatisfactory.

Dark Night Of The Soul Emotional Overload

Emotional Overload

As you start to reconsider the meaning of your whole life, you will start having a lot of emotions come up—it may even feel as if they are too much to handle. You may feel depressed, anxious, sad, and manic, and all of these feelings can change fast making you feel like you have many personalities.

The emotional overload is due to old traumas that come up to the surface. Everybody carries these traumas from as early as childhood, and they need to be healed and released in order for the spirit to grow.

Constant Change

Because you will be changing, your life will be changing too. Everything in your surroundings will start shifting to meet the needs of your new self. This can become overwhelming if your previous life was far from your mission. If you lived a life that did not nourish your soul’s growth and evolution, it is possible that everything will leave—your place of living, your job, your romantic partner, your friends, maybe even the car you drive.

You have to remember that in the end this is great news. Everything that leaves your life will open doors to new opportunities for you to get aligned with things and people that are on your path.

Stepping into the unknown is scary, but you are invited to conquer that fear and look at it with excitement instead.

Dark Night Of The Soul Life is Moving too FastLife is Happening too Fast

All of the changes—of who you are and your life—can make you feel like life is moving way too fast, and you are struggling to catch up. The speed of your life is a reflection of the fast growth that you are going through. You are just not used to this speed. There can be many years of change, but once the dark night of the soul concludes, your life situations will move at the same speed but it will no longer seem fast to you.

Feeling Physically Drained

The dark night of the soul can also feel physically draining in nature. As your body is adjusting to all the growth your spirit is doing, you may experience fatigue or sleep disturbances—insomnia or sleeping too much. Any other unexplained bodily symptoms can also be possible such as pain and odd illnesses.

You have to understand that the body is going through a lot of changes too, to integrate into the new you and the new energy. Be patient with it; be kind to it as it is doing what it needs to do.

Dark Night Of The Soul Challenging Life Situations

Experiencing Difficult Life Situations

As you get deeper into your new awakening, life may bring you difficult experiences—money troubles, relationship issues, trouble at work, or challengers with your car or house.

This is not happening to punish you but to awaken you. Not everyone goes through this, but if you are the one who does, it means there was a huge obstacle in your life that you were not seeing or addressing and only though serious situation(s) was life able to make you understand.

These difficult experiences bring out the deep issues you need to realize in order to grow.

New Spiritual Experiences

Just before or in the beginning of the dark night of the soul, you may encounter spiritual experiences that give you a glimpse of what is coming after this period of your life is over.

It happens to remind you that no matter what is happening and how it feels—physically, emotionally, or mentally raining—the experience is spiritual and will lead to spiritual greatness.

Dark Night Of The Soul New Spiritual Experiences

Paranormal or Scary Events

Part of the new spiritual experiences may be paranormal in nature. People report unexplained encounters, seeing entities in their dreams, out of body experiences, and even scary occurrences with the spirit world. It is normal for fear to come up during these experiences. Sometimes this shows one of your psychic gifts, but often this happens just because you are growing spiritually and are more tuned in with the other worlds and dimensions.

Inability to Escape Your Own Mind

Finally, the last symptom is the inability to escape your own mind. Like previously mentioned, you will experience a lot of emotions, serious life events, and many changes.

It is a habit to try to escape these things or how you feel about these things through watching tv, surfing the internet, by shopping, or using alcohol and/or other drugs. However, what used to work, outside things, do not work anymore. That is because your awakening is happening on the internal level and can only be fixed by internal interactions.

So continue doing the work. Practice yoga, meditate, eat cleanly, stay grateful, grow your gifts, and stay open to the universe’s guidance. After all, this is only happening in your best interest. Once you have grown to the next spiritual level, you will not recognize your life and it will be beautiful and fulfilling.



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Katalina Aster

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2 Responses

  1. Joseph DeVore says:

    This does seem to be what I am going through… but I have been stuck in it for since 2002.. I made headway in 2005 and 2011 but flopped again there after…

    ooh what to do…?

    • Liam Heartman says:

      Hello Joseph.

      Often times we forget to forgive ourselves and be more gentle with ourselves, when we are caught up in these “darker” experience we often forgot to show compassion to ourselves.
      If we take it slow and make a little progress each day we will continue to improve. Relax, realize how far you have come, remember to be gentle with yourself and keep with your practice or start new ones! You’ll get through it! 🙂

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