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Energetic Cords – What They are and How to Cut Them

To be authentic, powerful, and completely yourself, you first have to be free. Free of negative beliefs, free of dogma, free of traumas, and free from energetic pulls from other people. Most of us cannot physically see them, but everyone has them silently influencing our lives—energetic cords connecting us to others, sometimes even strangers. Those who are able to see them can tell you that some people’s energy fields look like needle cushions with hundreds of tiny cords sticking out of them. Others have fewer but larger cords attached to them.

What Are Energetic Cords?

Energetic cords have been observed in long distance healing studies. When you think about another person, your energy will register in their energy field no matter how far they are.

Cords Connecting Others

These cords can be between two people or groups. Most often they are created when strong emotions are present such as between lovers, family members, friends, and even enemies. However, if someone had a strong reaction to you, they can leave a cord behind even if they were a complete stranger and the meeting was brief. The strongest and most common cords are created between lovers.

The cords are there to connect two souls further together. If the cord is clean, it can actually help the bond between two people. The problem is when there have been any arguments or fights the cords become polluted and start to drain one or both people involved.

Especially when two people go their different ways it is important to cut the cords between them—sometimes more than one for the stronger ones. This way there is no energetic attachments left behind even if mentally the person thinks they have let go.

When To Not Cut The Cord

Some psychics came out saying that cord cutting is dangerous because it grows back causing more problems the next time. While cord cutting in my research is not dangerous it is a tool that differs based on how you use it. Healing needs to be done ethically, and the root cause of the problem needs to be addressed.

A cord is a symptom, not the full issue. If you cut a cord from an unhealthy relationship then go back to that person immediately, a new cord will grow, and may be more powerful than the last one. You need only cut the cord when it is in agreement with everything else.

Cords MarriageLet’s use this situation as an example: You have been in a romantic relationship with a partner. After the honeymoon period, you started fighting, and eventually grew more distant leading to a breakup. You talked about going separate ways and you did. There is nothing that contradicts you letting go, so you do a cord cutting ceremony to let go of cloudy energy that was created during the negative parts of your connection. In this case, cord cutting will benefit both of you in letting go and clearing your field for new people in your life. When cutting the cord, you should feel at peace, and it has to feel right, feel like a release.

If you feel any resentment, anger, and uneasiness before you do the cord cutting ceremony, it is not time for you to fully let go as other parts of you, physical, emotional, or mental have not done so. Spiritual release cannot happen if other parts of you are holding on—even if it is unconsciously.

Finally, if you have a soul contract with a person that has not been fulfilled, it will keep bringing you together until the lesson is learned. In this case it is also too soon to cut the cord, and it will grow back, sometimes more painfully.

Listen to your intuition, to its gentle whisper. You will know when the time to cut cords is right.

Simple Cord Cutting Tool

Cord cutting can be offered to you in a ceremony by shamans and intuitive practitioners or you can do it yourself at home.

The steps are simple:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the person you are cutting the cords with standing in front of you. Imagine an energetic cord connect your body to theirs.
  2. Surround both of you by healing white light.
  3. Ask yourself to bring up any emotions that are still lingering about that person. Feel them one more time without judgment and allow them to disappear into the light, no longer attached to you.
  4. Think of any memories you had with this person that you want to let go of—anything that is painful or uncomfortable. Allow yourself to also feel them one more time and let the memories fade away into the light.
  5. Now it is time to cut the cord. Imagine a silver pair of scissors or a silver sword and cut the cord swiftly three times. Visualize the cord being cut, and both remaining pieces of it go back into each of the person.
  6. Repeat as needed every couple of days until you feel that the cord is gone.
  7. You can do this for every person you want to cut the cord with.

Important: After this ritual, take a 20-minute Epsom salt bath to further cleanse your energy field.

Black Obsidian To Help Cord Cutting

Cords Freedom

There are also tools you can use to help the cord cutting. One of them is black obsidian. Black obsidian is one of the most powerful protection stones, which is why it is not recommended for daily use but instead a ritual use.

This stone is actually a volcanic glass and is created by violent eruptions. This energy makes it fast and powerful. Using the same force of the volcano, it can help you get rid of cords and attachments.

You need to get a black obsidian arrowhead, an affordable modern item, and use it to gently go around your energy field and getting rid of any energetic cords.

While doing so, you can say:

I cut off all the cords that no longer serve me.



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