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5 Spots to go Mining and Finding Your Own Crystals in North America

If you love collecting or working with crystals, you may want to consider getting your own—either mining them or finding them on lake and ocean shores. Getting your own crystals introduces a new kind of energy into your spiritual work. It makes it more special and builds a stronger connecting between you and the stone. It is also just fun to do so!

There are mines located across the majority of the states in the U.S.A, and many in Canada and Australia that can be found on a map provided by

Some places have the most variations of crystals, the other have the highest chance of finding rare and even expensive gemstones. There are options for gem hunters and spiritual enthusiasts alike.

HiddeniteEmerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina

If you are looking for either the thrill of the hunt or one of the biggest variations of crystals, go to Emerald Hollow Mine in North Carolina. This mine has many unique selling points.

It is the only open-to-public spot for mining emeralds, an expensive green gem. If you are looking for something even rarer, the Hollow Mine has it too—hiddenite, a rare lime-green crystal discovered by geologist William Earl in 1879.

The mine is also a great place to find 61 other crystals including quartz. To find them, you will need a shovel, a pickaxe, and a bucket.

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas

This location is about 115 miles from a volcanic crater, which explains the variations and amount of crystals found here. It is home to 41 different crystals, including diamonds, and a place where one visitor dug a 8.52-carat diamond in 2015, one of five largest specimens ever found in the park.

Besides diamonds you can find amethyst, agates, jaspers, garnet, peridot, calcite, hematite, and many others.


Morefield Gem Mine in Virginia

This privately owned mine is great for beginners and experienced miners alike. It is said that every day at least 10 crystal types is found out of a possible 80 different species.

The mine lies 300 feet underground in the land that formed over 250 million years ago. It is a great spot to find amazonite, and you can take anything with you that you can fit into one five-gallon bucket.

Devil’s Playground in Utah

If you do not want to mine, and want to try you lucky at finding crystals while you walk, head out to the Devil’s Playground Desert in Elder County, Utah. A local guide has shared that there is are crystals under your feet every two hundred yards.

Be prepared for the desert conditions with a lot of water and the right gear, and you can find many necklaces and earring-sized crystals that can be turned into jewelry. The main stone to be found here is quartz, including the more rare smoky varieties.

Rainbow Ridge in Nevada

Finally, one of the most amazing places—with many more to choose from—is the Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine in Nevada. It is not too far from where a famous festival Burning Man is located, so you can make it a trip to do both one year.

Opal is an incredible stone that looks out of this world and one of its healing powers is connecting you with cosmic energy and raising consciousness. You will want this unusual and brightly colored crystal for your spiritual work and perhaps to make some money as well. Some of its pieces went as high as $50,000. Whichever you purpose it, head down to this mine between May and September and enjoy the hunt.



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