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Find Your Level Of Consciousness With This Doctor Designed Scale

Emotions are information. They tell you when you are on the right path, and when you are far away from it. They show you what serves you and what does not. They also can identify you level of consciousness, awareness, and spiritual evolution.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, a famous psychotherapist of 50 years with many books written about psychology and consciousness, created a 1 to 1000 level chart, where you can see where your or anyone else’s consciousness level is based on core emotion expressed. For example, if a person is stuck in fear, they would be pretty low on the consciousness scale until they get out of that mindset. On the opposite end, highly conscious people are more joyful most of the time regardless of life’s circumstances.

The Consciousness Scale: The Lowest Emotions

At the lowest levels, a person is stuck, often unaware, unconscious, and spiritually depleted. Any of us can fall to these levels, the key is to recognize it and not to not live there. Sadly, you may know many people who do; they are often the ones who focus on negativity and complaining.

The scale does not have 1,000 levels, but rather assigns a number to each emotion starting with the lowest.

Shame (20): The lowest of all possible emotions is shame. At this level, a person feels powerless, unloved, unsafe, and worthless. This is a step above being dead.Level 6 Wands Pride Patch Tarot

Guilt (30): Guilt is not much better then shame, perhaps this is why these two emotions are often used to disempower others.

Apathy (50): Apathy is a feeling of feeling hopelessness. The victim mentality that is so common in the media, that is apathy. Depression can be apathy or feeling numb.

Grief (75): Grief is one step above apathy. It makes a person feel a great sense of loss, which is usually triggered by a tragic event.

Fear (100): Fear comes when you see the world as dangerous, and you do not feel safe. A lot of it is paranoia and not realistic fear. Again, modern media is very good at influencing people to feel this way.

Desire (125): The type of desire in question is akin to lust. It is materialistic and ego-driven. Addictions, craving power and fame, and obsession with making more money all fall under this category.

Anger (150): Anger comes from dissatisfaction. You are not living the life you want. The good thing is, anger can give you a push to change your life if you use this energy in positive and productive direction.

Pride (175): This is a first emotion on this scale that starts to feel good but it is a false good feeling. Pride can lead to radical thinking and being stuck to a belief that is destructive. To defeat pride, you must be humble.

Content and Productive Levels

Starting with level 200, a person becomes conscious and on their way to spiritual evolution.

Courage (200): It is not a coincidence that courage is where the scale tips toward the positive side. Every positive change in life starts with being courageous. Courage allows you to see obstacles as challenges to overcome and grow from, and the feeling of being a victim slowly changes to a feeling of power in self.

Neutrality (250): Feeling neutral is feeling okay, which is actually a good emotion. It is contentment. It stems from feeling trust in yourself and the universe. You are not fully happy yet, but no matter what comes, you will take care of it.

Willingness (310): Think of this emotion as being a “yes person.” No matter what your goals are, you are willing to give them a chance.

Acceptance (350): Acceptance is feeling great in your own skin. You do not mind what people think of you or how anyone tells you to live your life. You accept yourself, them, and reality for what it is. Accepting reality removes feeling of struggle.

Peak Performance Level

Level Pyramid Of Consciousness LevelsA person starts feeling truly at peace and not stressed out over small details at 400 level.

Reason (400): This is the level of understanding your life, reality, and the world at your best intellectual, spiritual, and emotional levels. You have the knowledge to apply towards your mission and your way of helping humanity. Many people start businesses or make life-changing decisions at this level.

Where Synchronicities Happen

The level that brings out first true spiritual evolution is 500. After that, it is a straight road to enlightenment.

Love (500): This is not just love but unconditional love. It is love for yourself, humanity, and the world, this unconditional love comes from understanding that you are a part of everyone and everything else. Everything is connected.

Gratitude (510): Just one tiny step above love is being able to be grateful for everything you have. Writing in gratitude journals can help get one to this level one step at a time.

Joy (540): At this level, you may feel a constant state of bliss spiritual leaders talk about. You feel fully present in the world and are excited to be alive!Level Enlightenment All Patch Tarot

Levels of Enlightenment

According to this chart, enlightenment starts at 600 and up.

Peace (600): Hawkins said this level is achieved by just 1 in 10,000,000 people. At this level, Earth feels like what some would describe as heaven. The person is in such complete harmony that as the outside world changes, their inner world remains at peace.

Enlightenment (700-1000): Enlightenment is said to be even more rare, and only people of legend such as Thoth, Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha have reached this level.

How To Climb Up The Consciousness Ladder

Figuring out where in the consciousness ladder you are is great for knowing where to go next. None of us humans are perfect, so wherever you are is perfectly fine. It is the growth that is most important.

To grow your consciousness, you can start by writing down the person you would like to be and the qualities you would like to bring to the world. Then from that list, make the intention to being a stronger version of yourself every day. If you want to be courageous, and you have two choices, ask yourself—what would a courageous person do? Then do that.

Secondly, acknowledge if you have any negative feelings about your life (repressing or hiding them does not help). Then write them down with intention of releasing these thoughts and emotions once and for all. You can even burn the list if that helps you visualize the letting go process.

Third, focus on the positive. A gratitude journal comes in handy here. If you focus on the negative, you will attract more negative situations into your life, so stop complaining, instead, look for things that are working out for you, and the universe will bring you more of that.



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