What’s Next for Humanity – Hint: Conscious Evolution

“As in the evolution of an individual tree some branches flourish while others fail; as in a forest some trees grow tall and stretch out wide branches while others are stunted and die out; as in the onward and upward progress of any species some individuals are in advance of the main body while others lag behind; so in the forward march of the collective human mind across the centuries some individual minds are in the van of the great army, while in the rear of the column stagger and fall vast numbers of defective specimens.” -Richard Maurice Bucke, Cosmic Consciousness (1901).

Evolution ConsciousThe above quote paints a stark picture of a possible answer to the question ‘what’s next for humanity?’ at least as related to what it means for you. At that time though, many believed that the universe was entropic and that brains were the source of consciousness and would only deteriorate over time. The discovery of neuroplasticity and epigenetics on the other hand in combination with the ever-expanding fields of quantum research and development, the limits really are beyond what we can conceive of accurately.

The idea in the quote above, however, is still relevant to our understanding of epigenetics and the interaction between the earth’s electromagnetic field and the magnetic crystal minerals in our brains. Through our connection in the field, each one of us who seeks conscious expansion of being is rippling out and affecting all others through the Maharishi Effect. Mr. Bucke’s book put forth the idea that enlightened beings who are able to do things beyond our current understanding of reality are the next step in collective human evolution and we are trending closer towards it. He thought that was the situation over a hundred years ago with the collection of case studies he was able to put together. In our increasingly digital world, people are sharing more amazing things every hour online with everyone in the world. On top of that, the speed of scientific discovery is increasing by orders of magnitude in fractions of time with each passing cycle. What we discover next is governed as much by group interest as it is group action in direct proportion to the difficulty to discover what’s focused on divided by the mass of the group focused on the discovery.

Evolution EpigeneticsWhere does all this lead for us? That’s up to us to decide if what physics and epigenetics are saying about consciousness being fundamentally the selector for how matter manifests. That tells us that conscious evolution is the course we are trending towards away from unconscious evolution. The best way to be able to make mindful decisions about how we want to consciously evolve is to stay informed about what’s happening in the world—helping where we can to facilitate the things we want to see happen in the world and working on ourselves to become our best self. How can you be more of the enlightened being you truly are? What is your Great Work in this life? Share your thoughts on this book, these ideas, and questions in the comments. Don’t be afraid to reach out, we are your tribe and we want to hear what’s on your heart!


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