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Unlock Enhanced Memory and Creativity With This Fun Practice

Commonplacing is the practice of copying quotes of text that inspires you or informs you on something you are interested in onto a book you keep with you, especially when reading. With the advent of the digital age we can skip the manual copying of these bits of text and use copy and paste or even screenshots to achieve a collection of information custom to your interests arranged by you that is easily searchable, to collate all data on any specific subject within using your smartphone or other favorite device. The important facet though is the ability to return to that information without searching through the books and articles you have read to find it. You can even provide links to the original source for further research in the future.

How does this unlock enhanced memory and creativity? By letting this repository of information become an extension of your own mind, you don’t have to memorize all of it to be able to use it. You know where to find the information when you need, and by going over these same bits of information each time you need them you are actually increasing your exposure to it which helps improve your ability to recall it the next time. Not only that, but by taking little quotes and snippets into collections, you allow yourself to take these ideas into your mind and marinate together ready to inspire you to organize them in new ways, creating new ideas and perspectives.

Commonplacing as a Tool

Commonplacing BookUltimately it is this concept of allowing the tool of commonplacing to become an extension of your mind that unlocks the power to enhance your memory and creativity in ways that wouldn’t be possible without it. With the use of cloud storage and backups of your digital commonplacing book, your mind extends and accelerates past the use of a pen and paper book like the difference between the speeds achieved with a bicycle and a jet. You become more of your best self, better able to present yourself and your ideas to others, with all the thoughts that inspire you easily recalled in perfect clarity at the press of a button.

You can use many different apps for commonplacing. Google Drive/Docs is one such method if you like file folders to organize with. Evernote works well for organizing with hashtags. Any note taking system that backs your information up to a cloud so that you don’t lose it even if the device is lost or destroyed is the key, then what you take the time to record in it stays as a part of your mind until you decide to remove it.

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