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Clearing Karma, What You Need to Understand About Karma

Karma is not something that is physically visible, yet each of us has it. It is as unique as each individual, and it can affect your life’s events. That is why it is essential to make steady progress on clearing karma.

From the Eastern Philosophies, karma can be defined as the law of cause and effect. When you do good to others, you receive good things back. When you do harm to others, you attract negative circumstances to your own life. Therefore karma can be good or bad, and often we have both. You can have good karma around money, and bad karma around relationships, or vice versa.

In spiritual terms, karma is energy. Bad karma is dense energy that clogs up your energetic field, preventing you from manifesting positive experiences, and instead may trigger negative ones.

Let me repeat myself, we all have bad karma around one past event or another—sometimes not even this life but from past lives. The severity or denseness of this karma is not a sign of how long it will take to clear it. Your own willingness to forgive and change is the key. Besides the two, there are a few other key factors you need to know to understand what karma is and how you can clear it yourself.

Karma and Intention

Clearing Karma Give ReceiveWhile the human mind may think that a bad action will always lead to bad karma, that is not always the case because that is not how energy works. Energy works based on intention. You will earn bad karma when you have a bad thought or when you do harm onto someone with the intention to do harm.

As an example, hitting an animal because you are angry and upset with disregard to their feelings and well-being will create bad karma. But if you have accidentally stepped on your pet’s tail without meaning to do so, there will be no Karmic price to pay. In both situations, the pain inflicted on the animal may be similar, yet only the first had the intention for harm.

Because it is one’s intention that matters, having the intention to do harm without following through will still create bad karma. You must not allow harmful thoughts, feelings, or actions to happen if you want to avoid earning bad karma.

Of course, as you are human, all three can happen at one point in your life. With thoughts or feelings, as soon as you catch a bad one creeping in, stop it at its root and say out loud or internally to that thought or feeling: “I Love you; please forgive me.

Forgive, Forgive, Forgive

Forgiveness creates one of the purest energies there is. Forgiveness can heal you, mend relationships, and clear karma.

Now, this is important. Do not say “I’m sorry” even if you were in the wrong, because the hidden meaning of this phrase is that you wish sorrow upon the other.

Letting go of karma starts with acknowledging what you did wrong, forgiving yourself for doing it, and forgiving anyone else who may have been involved—either those affected by your actions or those who may have affected you by theirs.

When you forgive (and ask for forgiveness), you actually take back your power and control of your karma. If you have a hard time letting go, start recalling the event that has earned you bad karma and say out loud “I am forgiving myself and others, and letting go of bad karma that has held me back from experiencing my best life.

Repeating Cycles

Clearing Karma Past LivesIf you don’t know if you have bad karma or where your karma came from, analyze any repeating cycles in your life. Do all of your relationships end the same way? Do you have a repeating issue pop up at work? Is there a fight or disagreement that happens between you and multiple people in your life? Any pattern you see gives you a clue that there is a karmic cycle there. It will not break until you grow from it and change your thought and actions to improve your karma accordingly.

When you notice a repeating karmic cycle, go as far back into your memories as you have access to—childhood or past lives—to see where it began. Once you find the root cause, the process is the same. Go over the event in detail in your head, during meditation, or with a spiritual coach, and let go of it while practicing forgiveness.

After letting go, make a promise to yourself to not repeat the same mistakes and focus on self-love to solidify your intention and raise your vibration simultaneously. Vibrating higher will help clear any leftover karma and prevent earning future bad karma.

When you act out of live and kindness in any life situation, that is exactly what you will receive in return.

Be Happy With Others!

The last point I would like to make is that everything is interconnected, and you are connected with every other human and creature on this Earth. Reminding yourself of how everything in creation is intertwined will help you treat others as you want to be treated. The one trick that helps boost your karma and increase your manifestation powers in order to achieve your best life is to be genuinely happy with other people.

Whenever someone has achieved or gained something—a job, financial abundance, promotion, an award, or a partner, a friend, and family member, feeling joy for them will bring the same vibration into your life.

Even if they are where you want to be, karma does not react well to jealousy, bitterness, or disappointment. Celebrate everyone’s victories as if they were your own because they are. We are all connected, and be celebrating others, great things will be waiting for you just around the corner.



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