Ancestral Karma

Why Clearing Your Ancestral Karma Is Essential For Your Growth

How do some people have specific interests that their great-grandparents and relatives who came before them used to have? This happens without any knowledge of these people. The answer to this mystery is being studied by scientists who postulate that each person picks up on memories of their ancestral line stored in their DNA. This may be the reason for a person to instantly pick up a skill they never mastered or recall knowledge of topics they never learned. If you’ve ever heard the term ancestral karma passed around spiritual circles, you are talking about just this very thing.

This passed down genetic knowledge goes beyond skills and information. A person can also have a psychological defense mechanism caused by emotional or physical trauma a dead relative experienced. These memories are stored in the genetic material for at least 14 generations, research shows.

Accumulation of Ancestral Karma

The simplest example of this stored-memories phenomenon is instinct. Instinctual behaviors are passed down through genes via genetic memory and have a strong impact on the brain.

The theory that memories are passed down the family tree has seen proof based on an observation of animal behavior. In one study, rats were introduced into a maze. What they learned about the maze was passed down to their children. The children regained the knowledge before examining the maze themselves and knew exactly where to go.

All of the available studies suggest that genetic memory also bears the records of traumatic events that happened to anyone in the bloodline and passed down generation after generation.

Ancestral Karma GeneticsDNA Memory May Explain Phobias, Anxiety, and PTSD

This ancestral karma may be the cause of irrational phobias toward things you have never actually experienced. You may have inherited this phobia from an ancestor who had a traumatic or stressful experience. Perhaps they were bitten by a spider, almost drowned, or betrayed by someone. If, though, none of these things happened to you, the memory in your DNA may be causing you to fear these things as a defense mechanism to prevent it from happening again.

This can explain emotional and mental challenges with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A professor in Poland has also been working on a theory that not just physical memories but also consciousness is passed down to generations. This has implication for all human bodies—physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.

Knowing this about DNA memory may be able to treat mental disorders that lack an apparent cause. But that’s not all. When it comes to your spiritual growth, learning how to access and release this ancestral trauma—which shows up in your life as karmic density—can help you and your family to prevent these traumatic memories from being passed down to the next generations. Chances are, whatever it is, it has not been healed for generations and it is up to you to fix that.

Identifying and Releasing Ancestral Karma

Learning about what traumas your ancestors held onto can come from deep spiritual work with shamans and energy workers or from doing past life regression and Akashic records readings. It can come to you when you meditate or through dreaming. However, that is not the only way.
Because karma goes in cycles and has clear patterns, you can start to see what needs to be cleared by taking a good look at your own struggles in life and by analyzing and identifying themes between your immediate living family members.

  • Does your family have a repeating cycle of toxic relationships?
  • Are there specific negative beliefs that are holding them down that did not stem from an event from this lifetime?
  • Do they struggle with money?

Ancestral Karma FamilyOnce identifying the repeating negative patterns, there is no magic pill to take to instantly fix it. At the same time, there is not just one way to do it, and it is not difficult to do. It does require perseverance and dedication. All you have to do to help your whole family is find how these beliefs and habits affect your own life and work on releasing these blocks.

If your whole family always experiences financial problems, dig through your own beliefs about money. By filtering out the bad ones, you can not only bring more abundance to your life but also help heal your immediate family—and all the generations following after you.

Lastly, an important aspect of clearing ancestral karma is by healing and improving your relationships with family members. If you had a falling out with someone, if you do not speak heart to heart with those close to you, if you lost touch with people for any reason—all of these seemingly small issues create separation and tearing in the fabric of your family tree. By properly addressing and healing these issues, your family will be able to let go of ancestral karma faster and evolve together. This is the sure way to work with our families and with our ancestors because they love you and always want to help.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Very informative. ….I’m at the point in my life where by I have began to question certain past issues that I’m cognizant of that’s showing up in my own life. I constantly feel a nudge in me to speak to my mother’s only surviving sibling about the family’s past because I c these things affecting the current generation. She’s the only one that can shed light on these issues, before it is all gone and this generation is left to carry on bad karma that they know nothing of but it constantly shows up in their lives.

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