Cleansing and Charging Crystals, Stones, and Talismans with the Moon Cycles

For longer than we have recorded history, humankind has watched the moon go through its 28-day cycles. Long before we used a solar calendar, we used a 13-month lunar-based calendar. Mystics, shamans, and other wisdom-keepers have taught us to follow the cycles of the moon. They showed us how this cycle influences not only people but also the land—especially stones and crystals. Magical traditions such as the Solomonic and Hermetic traditions, as well as many others around the world, used metal coins with sigils and symbols of power. These sacred talismans would be chosen for the gifts and energies they gave the user, and when passed from one person to another they would be cleansed and charged by the new user. Cleansing and charging crystals, stones, and talisman is a very important part of the care of these sacred items.

Why do crystals, stones, and talismans need cleansing?

Charging-crystals-full-moonMany natural objects take on the energy of the person who is regularly near them. When it comes to crystal, stones and talismans, this is especially true. In the case above, when passing on a sacred item, if the last user generated negative energy with it, or remains connected to the previous user, it could disrupt or negatively influence the new user in unwanted and unforeseen ways.

Traditionally, this is why people would keep such items in a sealed black bag until the new moon and do a cleansing ritual for the item that evening. After the ritual, the item would be placed on an altar to finish cleansing and grounding until morning—much like letting your battery run down on your phone and leaving it to fully charge overnight. Once the cleansing is complete the item would be carried, slept with, or worked with daily to build a connection between the user and the item. When the full moon came two weeks later, the user would again do another ritual—this time a full moon charging ritual which would have it sit out under the moonlight all night again. After this, the item would be ready for regular use. Some overzealous users will cleanse and charge with each new and full moon, but the initial one is the most important. If you are regularly using the item, it will not need a new cleansing unless you do as well.

Do you need a formal ritual for cleansing and charging crystals?

Many people wonder whether or not a formal ritual is needed for cleansing and charging crystals. This really depends on how you define a formal ritual. Does it have to have your full presence and energy? Yes. Does it have to involve a bunch of complicated steps and properly drawn sigils? No. These things can help if you’re interested in them, but ultimately you have everything you need already; everything else is simply there to help you focus yourself. That being said, physical actions can be useful rather than solely using visualization to give you a physical sense of doing something.

A Simple Yet Powerful Cleansing Ritual

Charging-Cleansing-Crystals-MoonlightA cleansing ritual can be as simple as getting a bowl large enough for the item and a clean white cloth. Fill the bowl with water halfway or high enough to submerge the item easily. Add three pinches of salt to the water, making the water more conductive to energy. Now stand in front of the altar and make your request, “Moon, please cleanse and clean this item.” Then say, “thank you” as you place the item in the water and wash it with your fingers. Afterwards, pull it out and dry it off with the white cloth leaving the item to finish it’s cleansing and grounding cycle. Retrieve it from the altar the next morning.

Once the item is cleansed, you will need to attune to it, which simply means to connect to it. This can be done by meditating while focusing on it, by carrying it on your person for an hour or more a day, or by sleeping with it under your pillow every night. If you follow one or more of these methods the item will be cleansed, attuned to you, and ready for the full moon charging.

A Simple Yet Powerful Charging Ritual

A crystal charging ritual can be just as simple—maybe even more simple. For charging crystals, stand in front of the altar with the item in hand, look to the full moon and ask, “Moon, please charge this item with your light.” Then place the item on the altar as you say, “thank you!” Leave it to charge under the full moon all night and retrieve it the next morning.

After completing these rituals, your item is ready for your regular use. Many people carry such items with them daily to always have the item within their aura and feel it’s energy and effect.

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