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How To Channel Spirit and Your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing

All of us have a connection to the universal consciousness with many ways to receive information from it. Depending on your main skills or interests, your strong spirit communication may come through your dreams, intuition, or different psychic abilities. The one that anyone can do with some practice is automatic or channeled writing.

What Channeled Writing Is, What It Is Not.

Channeled writing is the type of writing that is guided by a higher power. When that happens your mind starts going really fast and providing you with information that you may not have thought of otherwise. Yet, it flows out naturally. Some channelers do not even have any conscious realization of what they are writing until they go back and re-read it.

There are also two types of writing that come before channeled writing, that is still automatic writing but they are different. Still, as important.

Conscious intentional writing is the most common type of writing. We do it in everyday life. During rituals or meditations, if you are asked to write your list of intentions or list of things to let go of, most often you do it completely consciously, thus using conscious writing. This is done in the Beta brain state or the active state of mind, which you spent most of the day in.

Channeled Writing Brain Waves

As a side note, it helps to understand different brain waves to achieve certain results.
The Brain waves are:

  • Gamma waves bring a heightened perception, high performance, and a fast going mind
  • Beta waves are the state of being awake, the mind is active
  • Alpha waves mean relaxation, lucid dreaming, and a clear mind
  • Theta waves happen with deep relaxation and meditation
  • Delta waves bring deep sleep without dreams

Inspired writing is the next level of writing and it is done partly in a trance state. This type of writing can combine channeling with your own thoughts as you are still conscious of them. To get into this state, the fastest way is to meditate. That way your conscious mind steps back and the subconscious mind comes through. Your conscious mind is still there and is observing the whole process but is not interfering. You remember the general ideas of what you just wrote, but not the specifics. A lot of automatic writing happens in this state. It is the easiest automatic writing.

You are not consciously thinking about what to write at this point, the information is coming through easy. Often thought and ideas come faster than you can even write them down. That is a good sign that you are channeling information from elsewhere, not from your own mind.

Channeled writing in dissociative state is the last type of automatic writing that is the deepest level of channeled writing. True automatic writing is done by getting into a real trance state, which uses Delta brain waves, while you are awake. This is the state used during hypnosis. In this case, the “hypnotist” is you as you take yourself into a trance.

When you write in this state, you will not remember anything you just wrote until you go back and re-read it. Your conscious mind will completely step aside to give full power to the unconscious mind.

Mediation is necessary for getting to this state, but practice is needed to be able to go deep enough into it to access the trance state. Anyone an access this state, it just takes practice.

How To Practice Automatic Writing

Channeled Writing JournalInspired writing is the easiest and the safest way to do channeled writing. Since your conscious mind is still there, you do not necessarily need to worry about any negative entities coming through like it can happen with true channeled writing.

You can also have an intention to just channel your higher self to help you with life-related questions and find out more about your path.

To do inspired writing, all you have to do is relax to start shutting down your conscious mind for the subconscious mind to come though and higher wisdom to flow. To get into a relaxed state of mind, dim the light, and sit quietly with paper and a pen in front of you.

Make sure there are no distractions. Meditate for about 10 to 15 minutes to get to alpha wave mental state.

You may start to get into a dissociative state as well as you go deeper.

Then, set the intention that you would like to do automatic writing. Ask your guides and any good forces that can come through to guide you.

It is simple, really, and there is no great a-ha moment that feels like “wow, I am channeling.” Refrain from questioning yourself such as “Is this working?” as it can block the free flow of information. You will know you are writing automatically by how easy the information is coming though.

You are not thinking of anything, the information is just coming out.

To start this process, you can ask a question and see what comes up. You can keep asking questions, but you may also find that once the information is flowing, you will start writing about related topics without asking anything. It is the information that the other realms wish to share with you.

Once you have done this successfully, you may be ready to go deeper, go into a trance.

How To Get Into A Trance

Channeled Writing MeditationFirst thing to know about getting into a trance state is that it is better to have protection. Because you allow your conscious mind to step back completely, there is a chance that negative energies may want to take advantage of that. Especially when really good, light information is coming through, certain forces want it to stop the Earth from accessing it.

It is nothing to be scared of, it just needs extra preparation. You can create a shield around you, use a lot of smudging, crystal work, or using other tools. It also helps to have a friend who you can trust there with you. I highly suggest doing more reading about protection as it is a lengthy subject.

Make sure to set the intention that you only want to communicate with high-vibrational beings.

One way to get into a trance (without drugs or other outside influences) is through deep meditation which happens after meditation for at least 20 minutes. The longer, the better; the deeper you can go, the easier it is to get into a trance.

You have to have zero distractions; even one word from someone passing by can break you from the connection. You need to stay in one place and not move in order to not awaken your conscious mind. The whole process may feel like five minutes but may take 1 to 2 hours.

During this deep trance is when the best channeled writing happens. Many of these messages you will not remember consciously, so set up a recorder or ask a friend for help writing them down.

There is nothing too complex about channeled writing. All you need is practice and an open mind.



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