Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing: A Guide to Warning Signs

Chakra balancing is a ongoing practice and requires self observation on many levels, each day we need to take a moment to reevaluate our energies and check to see if we are out of alignment in any way. As we are driving home from work, we might sometimes feel that unusual level of stress. Whether such is caused by your boss’ unreasonable demands, or your unfiltered thoughts about issues in your family, these pains will translate into sore muscles that are unable to function properly.

Aside from bodily pain, such levels of stress will further disturb us mentally. By constantly harboring negative thoughts and ideas, we’ll be prone to losing focus on what really matters. Such negativity will plague our minds and robs us of both good reason and emotion to sort things out.

Yet one may ask – what really is the cause of such?

ChakrasFollowing the ancient Buddhist/hinduist tradition, the real cause of this feeling is none other than a problematic chakra gate. When we experience unnecessary physical and mental stress, eastern spiritual practitioners from these traditions often suspect a blocked or overactive chakra gate in need of chakra balancing. The lack of regulation on some of our gates will lead to such problems mentioned above, as they are mere manifestations of our inner struggles.

To elaborate, a blocked chakra gate signifies that we are preventing the cosmic energies to enter our body. Whether it is caused by a sprain near the physical area of the chakra gate or a mental issue relevant to its function, such blockage bars us from operating fully. Similarly, an overactive chakra gate means that we are overusing a part of our body near one of the seven gates, or that we are overenthusiastic about something to the point that it strains us.

Whether blocked or overactive, it is often our own failure to regulate such that causes them to become problematic. With that, what are some of the warning signs that we can take note of to prevent ourselves from being unregulated?

Root Chakra

As the base of all chakra points, the root chakra is the lowest point which practically serves as the foundation. With that, problems regarding one’s individuality at the core are often issues within the root chakra. Episodes of insecurity, excessive anger, and impatience are often signs of a problematic root chakra.

Furthermore, another warning sign is when one seems to be too materialistic or greedy. Such a worldly attitude represents a lack of regulation within this area since it strongly influences our course of action.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra point is located just below the navel. It is often responsible for the creative powers of man together with procreation and pleasure. As such, an unregulated sacral chakra will often show signs of problems within this sphere of human existence.

Thus, instances wherein you lack sexual appetite, personal motivation and individual creativity are one of the few instances wherein you signify that need for a sacral chakra regulation.

Solar Plexus

On top of being a physical core just right above the navel, the solar plexus is also known to be the core of our personality. With that, an unbalanced solar plexus often leads to spiraled individuality, episodes of bipolarism, or even just plain internal conflict on ourselves.

With such confusion, we will often make the wrong choices in life. With an overactive solar plexus, you’ll know due to instances of over asserting yourself. On the other hand, a blocked aspect on this one will show as you lack confidence about who you are.

Heart Chakra

Heart ChakraThe heart chakra is often responsible for your feelings and emotions. The “Anahata” which is found right between the chest, is the pathway responsible for our ability to establish all kinds of relationships with others. Thus, having a problematic Heart charka often leads to miscommunication.

With that, manifestations of a problematic heart chakra appear when we are in conflict with ourselves and with others. Lacking in empathy for the plight of people around us suggests disconnected status. Similarly, being overly passionate towards others to the point of strangling them is often a bad sign too.

Throat Chakra

This fifth charka point is the pathway of our words. Often, a healthy throat chakra will manifest when we can seamlessly connect with others. In the same way, warning signs for a problematic throat charka shows when they are in unnecessary misunderstandings with others.

As such, we’ll be able to have a good feel for some warning signs in this area when we seem to avoid others and their opinions for no justified reason. In the same way, when we overly assert our perspectives to them, this can cause them to sway away from us.

Third Eye Chakra

Providing that spiritual vision, the third-eye chakra is responsible for our foresight. With this 6th chakra point, our physical and mental self is provided with an accessway to the spiritual realm. Thus, we can have access to skills such as clairvoyance and intuition.

With that, a good warning sign for this chakra point is when we are too worldly and materialistic in our decision-making. For instance, when our life revolves around consumerist values, this suggests that we need to re-examine if this chakra point is blocked.

Crown Chakra

Lastly, the “Sahasrara” or the Crown chakra is responsible for our higher self. Moderating our consciousness and rationality, this chakra point is responsible for our transcendent abilities that go beyond our physical needs and wants. By housing wisdom, the higher self is within reach if this chakra point is regulated.

As such, we’ll know if there are problems in this area when we become too cynical on our approach regarding our spirituality. Similarly, when we are overly attached to the spiritual aspect of ourselves, we can neglect worldly matters which still plays an essential role in our daily lives.

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