Birthday Number

Your Birthday Number Reveals Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Your birthday, the day on which you were born, regardless of which month, can provide your with the insight about your strength and your challenges. Knowing this can help your choose the path that is more suited for you and even avoid some time-wasters or heartbreaks.

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Birthday on the 1st

Birthday Leader

If you were born on the first of the month, you are a born leader. You have a capability to become one of the pioneers in a field of your interest. You can run a successful business and lead a large staff of people or team members. Your challenge is not to become arrogant, stubborn, or hard-headed.

Birthday on the 2nd

Number 2 is a peacemaker, and being born on the second makes you diplomatic, and good at personal relationships. Others find you kind, approachable, and easy to get along with. Your main obstacle is to not let depression or lack of self-confidence sneak in, which can affect these talents.

Birthday on the 3rd

Artistic souls are born on the 3rd, and you have an urge to create. Whether you use this passion as a career, a hobby, or a healing outlet, you must make art, music, or any type of creative projects. The challenge of those being born on the third is a lot of emotional ups and downs. It will help you to stay grounded by keeping a long-term vision in mind.

Birthday on the 4th

You are hardworking and have high morals. It is important for you to be rooted, and you spend a lot of time making a solid foundation in businesses, family, friendships, and financial matters. The key to success for you is to keep stubbornness in check.

Birthday on the 5th

You like adventure and do not like to be in the same place too long. Travel, especially to exotic places, always calls to you. Combined with your great communication skills, you can be successful at planning big events and festivals, and anything that does not require you to sit at a day all day. Your challenge is to fight the urge to be overly impulsive or use hard drugs as a way to escape.

Birthday on the 6th

Birthday Artistic

Those born on the 6th are family oriented, artistic, and caring. You like harmony and are good at creating it in groups of people. You will thrive in a career that allows you to help people directly one-on-one. You may be too hurt by criticism, so that is one area that requires work and healing on your part.

Birthday on the 7th

Your mind is your gift—your intellect, your intuition, and your emotional wisdom. A lifestyle where you are able to combine all three is the best for you. You work well alone, but you need to be careful to not isolate yourself. Your task is to use your gifts with your heart in the center of everything you do.

Birthday on the 8th

Your talents are in business and creating a financial abundance for yourself and others. You are ambitious and goal-oriented. You are also competitive, and you do best when you are your own boss. If you are not as successful as you would like to be, you need to look to see if you are too bossy or impatient, and if that causes struggles.

Birthday on the 9th

Born on the 9th, a spiritual and completion number, you have high ideals for this world. You have a great potential to help the world, but only when you find balance between your ideals and practicality. To feel fulfilled, you must help others on a big scale and in non-attached way. Not everyone has the consciousness level to understand and be grateful for the positive impact you have.

Birthday on the 10th

Those born on the 10th are driven and independent. They make great leaders and managers. If you were born on the 10th, you have natural courage and ability to overcome any obstacles that stand between you and your dreams. In order to make the best out of your natural abilities, you must learn to take necessary risks.

Birthday on the 11th

Birthday Empathic

Your gifts are intuition and energetic sensitivity. You are great at reading people and know what to say to inspire them. These qualities will make you a great healer. You will do best in an unconventional job, because you think in forms of emotions, not the analytical world. A strictly business world is not for you.

Birthday on the 12th

You are an artist of your own life. Everything you touch carries a creative vibe. Your natural state is being enthusiastic about life and what you do. If you feel moody or depressed, you need to look over your priorities and see if you are spreading yourself too thin.

Birthday on the 13th

If you are born on the 13th, you value a stable life with a loving family and community around you. You are also good in communities and are a definite team player. Because of your many talents and interest, your goal is to pick one thing you feel called to do and stick to it.

Birthday on the 14th

Those born on the 14th have similar characteristics that those born on the 5th because the two digits make a 5. You love travel, being social, and not having restrictions. A question that you have to ask yourself in your life is—are you being spontaneous and changing jobs and relationships out of your conscious choice or poor self-esteem issues?

Birthday on the 15th

You are creative and love languages. You also have a dilemma; you have an equal need for a permanent community and travel. These two things that do not always go together. It is possible, and your challenge in this life is to find the middle ground between the two and ask for what you need.

Birthday on the 16th

Birthday Alien

If you were born on the 16th, you are likely feeling like you do not belong on Earth. You are different and are seeking a different kind of world, which makes you get drawn to the “paranormal” and spirituality. This feeling of alienation is one obstacle that you need to overcome in this life.

Birthday on the 17th

You have a lot of gifts in business, management and finance. Others may expect a lot from you, and you do not let them down. You have no issue focusing on the big pictures and tackling huge projects, even working alone. Your challenge is to let go of your power grip and let others help you.

Birthday on the 18th

Those born on the 18th have talents in politics, law, and religion—professions that have a lot of structure. Your abilities to read people help you in these fields. The challenge you have is to learn to forgive and not be attached to outcomes.

Birthday on the 19th

You are driven by success and have the confidence to go for your dreams. Independent and driven, you tend to be a perfectionist and you may isolate yourself from people for having different opinions. You will benefit from working with people different from you to widen your perspectives and knowledge.

Birthday on the 20th

You are a people’s person—kind, intuitive to other people’s needs and the glue that keeps groups of people together. The only thing you need to remember is to take care of your own needs. This will keep you grounded and everything else in life will fall in its place.

Birthday on the 21st

Birthday Community

Your talents include anything creative and working with people. If you could combine the two, you can make a nice career. Your natural charisma will help you get far in life. Your only challenge is to not rely on only charisma and take time to develop your skills.

Birthday on the 22nd

You are a person with a vision and gifts to make it a reality. You have the power to achieve your dreams, but your fear of your own greatness might stop you. If you let the fear go and let yourself stand in a big role in this world, you can leave a permanent mark on it.

Birthday on the 23rd

You love your life to be exciting and constantly changing. It is all about experiences for you, not the material things. Because of your appreciation of change, you keep learning different skills and can be good at almost anything you choose. Your task is to not overindulge, especially when it comes to self-destructive behaviors like over-eating and consuming drugs.

Birthday on the 24th

Emotions rule your world. On the positive side, it makes you very loving and good at building a great family. On the negative side, you can be taken advantage of and need to stand your ground. You are able to attract people who give to you as much as they receive, and you give a lot.

Birthday on the 25th

Your gift is your analytical mind. You are able to gather and analyze any information, whether it is science, metaphysics, or philosophy. You feel deeply about everything, but sometimes have a hard time sharing that with others. It is vital to learn to trust and to open yourself up to people.

Birthday on the 26th

Birthday Balance

You are a realist with great business capabilities. Not only are you good at being a leader, you are also practical and know exactly what to do to reach your goals. Perhaps, you are to practical. Your challenge is to balance material pursuits with love-driven projects.

Birthday on the 27th

You have a broad spectrum of skills and interests and the ability to work with any person. In order to feel fulfilled, you must find one thing to focus on, ideally one that helps others.

Birthday on the 28th

You are an unconventional leader. While having great people-managing skills, you do not like the ordinary. You may also be prone to not finishing the projects you started. To succeed in your own way, you must commit to one goal and be open to compromising with others to make it a reality.

Birthday on the 29th

Creativity and intuition go hand in hand in your life. Your spiritual beliefs must integrate with the rest of your life for you to be fully happy. Same goes for your urge to create. You may be walking “slower” in life than society tells you you should be. Your challenge is to accept that the universe has your back and trust it to guide you in its perfect pace.

Birthday on the 30th

You have a creative, artistic gift and you must use it to feel like you are on the right path in life. It can be anything: clothing style, flower arrangement, and even cooking. Or it can be art and music. Whatever it is, it is important for you not to waste your talent by using all your energy elsewhere.

Birthday on the 31st

Birthday Giving

You prefer a stable life with a community, a family, and a great job. You can manage all parts of your life easily except taking care of yourself. It is your task to not overwork yourself, and leave enough time to be silly and play.

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