Biohacking The 5 Different Brainwaves – Everything You Need To Know

The human brain is responsible for many successes in your life. From getting a great night of sleep and feeling at peace during a meditation to performing well at work and staying focused—all of these experiences are influenced by the agility of your brain. And, all of them are ruled by the five different brainwaves.

The five brainwaves make sure that brain is awake and focused at work, and dreamy and peaceful when doing a visualization exercise. The problems appear when the script gets flipped—your brain is foggy when you need to concentrate and super alert when you want to go to bed.

To fix this problem, you can learn about how each brainwave works and biohack it to optimize its performance.

According to neuroscientist Leigh Winters, brainwaves are related to many human behaviors from stress management to spiritual awakenings.

This area of study has even spread into technology and scientists are working on many devices to study and hack brainwaves like the Muse headband and the Emotiv Insight.

You do not have to spend money to optimize your brainwaves, though. All you need is knowledge.

Brainwaves Binaural BeatsWhat Are Brainwaves?

Brainwaves are not physical; they are a type of activity that goes on in the brain. The brain communicates using electrical activity.

This activity can be measured by electroencephalography (EEG)—which is how scientists see the amazing effects of meditation.

There are a total of five different brainwave categories and each has a specific task.

The Five Different Brainwaves

Gamma (highest frequency): insight and expanded consciousness. These are the most ‘high vibe’ waves used to concentrate, learn new information and store memories. Any cognitive functions are done using these brainwaves.

They are also used to hyper-focus by musicians and Zen masters during meditation.

Too much gamma waves can lead to stress, while too little to depression.

Beta: concentration and learning. In our society, most of us experience these waves for the majority of the time. These waves are used to focus on what is going on right now and is great for reading and socializing. They put you in an alert state. There is a downside to beta waves. They drain your energy and creativity.

Too much beta can lead to anxiety, while not enough to poor cognition.

Alpha: relaxation. Alpha brainwaves are used to daydream, wind down after a long day with a book, and any relaxing activities including many meditations.

If you are unable to relax and shift from beta to alpha at the end of the day, you may be experiencing “alpha blocking” phenomenon which leads to insomnia, anxiety, and other emotional distress.

Too much alpha wave activity can lead to an inability to focus due to constant daydreaming, while not enough can cause insomnia.

Theta: dreaming and flow states. These waves are used for sleeping and are linked to a dream state. If you are sleeping and dreaming, your brain is in the theta state. This state is linked to vivid imagery and intuition—you can use it to access messages from your spirit guides.

Too much theta wave activity is associated with being impulsive and unbalanced, while not enough can lead to a poor ability to process emotions.

Delta (shortest frequency): deep sleep. Unlike theta, delta waves do not allow you to dream, instead, they promote deep, healing sleep. This state can be achieved in a deep, transcendental meditation.

It is also associated with a hypnotic state while being awake that leads to great performance—being on autopilot. This hypnotic state can induce random sparks of creativity and insightful ideas. Because the brain is working on autopilot, it has a chance to create.

Too much delta wave activity can lead to learning problems, and not enough to poor sleep and inability to gain energy.

Brainwaves MeditationHow To Control Your Brainwaves

The answer is very simple—meditation.

Meditating daily helps regulate the brainwaves and make sure that you are staying balanced and stress-free throughout the day.

It also increases the time spent in the gamma state, which is linked to mindfulness and staying present in the moment.

Other small tricks can help you optimize the brainwaves as well.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, you need to tune in more into your alpha brainwaves for relaxation. If you are out jogging and your need more energy, you can access the theta state to experience the flow state.

To trigger these brainwaves, you can listen to specific binaural beats on YouTube such as “alpha binaural beats” and “theta binaural beats.”

Teaching the brain to optimize its brainwaves is not hard—it just takes practice and repetition.

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