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The Benefits of Eating Organic Food for You, the Farmers, and the Earth.

Eating organic food helps to prevent the risk of disease and keeps you and the environment healthy.

In recent studies, it has been proven that over 90% of the American population have pesticides in their blood and urine because of the use of chemicals in the growing and preserving process. This increases your chances of getting diseases like cancer. Eating organic foods can significantly decrease your risk of developing a disease by 25% and keep you healthy because it lowers the amount of chemicals you are exposed to and ingest with your food.

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Not just any food can get the label of organic put on it. The farm and produce must be inspected by a government-approved certifier to ensure the farm is following the rules that were created by the US Department of Agriculture or other Organic Certification Organizations. The farm must only be using natural fertilizers like manure or compost. They can use crop rotation, companion planting, natural pest controls but they are not allowed to plant Genetically Modified or Engineered seeds.

Organic food production does not allow the use of human sewage sludge, GMOs/GEs, chemical pesticides, chemical based/synthetic fertilizers and radiation while non-organic allows the use of all of these methods in farming.

5 Benefits of Organic Food

  1. Organic foods use naturally derived (or no) pesticides, Lots of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are used in agriculture now a days which remains on the food and can harm us. Organic farms can only use natural methods which is a lot healthier for all of us.
  2. Organic food is fresher and higher in nutrients, since the food doesn’t last as long, it is usually sold closer to where it was grown. They also found in studies that organic food is also higher in certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. Organically raised animals are raised more humanly; they do not use antibiotics or growth-hormones, they are not fed animal byproducts and are kept in a bigger spaces that include outdoor spaces so they are able to live as intended which greatly adds to their health.
  4. Organic products are GMO-free, GMO/GEs alter the plant’s DNA to a unnatural state, it is commonly done to make the crops resistant to pesticides or to create insecticides which isn’t healthy for us to consume.
  5. Organic farming is better for the environment, it reduces pollution, soil erosion, and uses less energy. It also conserves water and increases soil fertility. Not using pesticides also means there are not any airborne contaminants around the farm, keeping nearby people and animals more healthy as well.Be alert when shopping for organic food because some food might say natural but natural doesn’t mean organic.

Make sure to always look for the certified organic label from your local organic certifier.



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