Blessing Food

The Benefits of Gratitude and Blessing Food

There are a lot of pre-meal traditions around the world in different cultures and religions but most of them involve saying thank you for the meal and showing gratitude and appreciation for the food. If it’s for a religion you are usually thanking your god by blessing food before eating. If it’s for your culture you are being grateful for the food in front of you. If it is for neither, then you are just showing your appreciation to the universe in one way or another.

Everything in life is made out of energy and most of the food we eat is or was living at some point. All living things have energy and emotions of their own that can affect things around them. So to make things around us better, we need to show gratitude and positivity in everything we do.

Scientific Findings

In 1848, Dr. Gustav Theodor Fechner, a German experimental psychologist, had the idea that plants are capable of emotions you can promote healthy growth with talk, attention, attitude, and affection.

In the 1960’s Cleve Backster, an interrogation specialist with the CIA. He started his research in February 1966 when he tried to measure the rate at which water rises from a root to its leaves. Since it was hooked up to a lie detector, it can measure electrical resistance and when the plant was watered the polygraph “began to show a pattern typical of the response you get when you subject a human to emotional stimulation of short duration”.

One night, Backster was up all night working in his office and noticed a houseplant. He decided to hook it up to his lie detector and see if he could get it to show fear like a human would. He decided he would burn one of the leaves on the plant but before he had the chance to, the polygraph spiked, the same way it would for a human experiencing fear.

Blessing Food SmilesThis showed two things to Backster. One, plants can display fear and two they can also sense his intentions. He continued to experiment with this and found that plants display similar emotions as humans. He found that plants got sad when he would boil eggs in front of them and they got happy when he watered them. He called this sense that plants have “primary perception” it means they can detect thoughts and emotions in humans and things around them.

Another Experiment was done by Dr. Masuro Emoto. His experiment involved observing how water molecules would respond if he wrote messages with different intentions on them and put them on glasses of water. On one water glass he put “I love you” and on the other, he put “I want to kill you” and then he froze the water. The water with a message of love or gratitude had a beautifully complex pattern while the ones with a hate or fear message had no symmetry and it looked very sporadic.

These discoveries really show how much our powerful our thoughts, intentions, and words are and what we do really affects everything around us. Blessing food can have a very positive impact on the energy you are allowing into your body.

How This Affects You

Well, first of all, you are the one consuming the food. If your thoughts can already affect you and other things around you, imagine what it will do to you if you eat food filled with fear, anxiety, and negativity. It can contribute to you feeling that way too.

The same thing goes for animals. If an animal was raised badly, tortured, caged, restricted, badly fed, and then made into meat for us, it will be full of negative emotions. Putting this in our body will cause us to be more negative and depressed. If the animal was raised properly, with freedom and happiness, it will be better for us to consume.

What You Can Do – Blessing Food

Blessing Food VarietyJust be grateful to your food before your meal, if your eating vegetables, they could be a bit frightened and being grateful and appreciating them will make them a lot more accepting of their fate.

Also, bless it if it is meat, this could be really helpful for an animal who wasn’t raised properly. It will take some of the negativity out of it so it won’t be as bad for you to consume

In the end, just take time out of your day to express love and gratitude for everything around you. Doing this before a meal by blessing food is always a great time because you can also think of other things to be grateful for as well. Once you start doing this, you might find yourself in other situations being a more grateful loving person in general. Try it for a while, you will notice just how easy and life-changing it can be.

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