How To Know Which Chakras Are Out of Balance And How To Re-Align Them

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  1. Jessica Hackett says:

    As a practitioner of Reiki I would like to offer that it is also a good way of cleaning and balancing the chakras. We can also sense when a Chakra is out of balance in someone and offer possible solutions. I know most Reiki masters will offer their services for a price (monetary price) but as a relatively new practioner I simply do it out of fellowship and love. Some truly are not open to it and don’t get the full benefits, but for anyone who is of open mind to spiritual healing it can be a wonderful experience!

    Blessed be

  2. Gino says:

    Awesome stuff thank you!!!

  3. Drea says:

    All of them are out of balance. Sigh.

  4. Melissa Rachel Rabago says:

    I still dont know which chakras i need to work on. But i love this stuff if you know any books about growing spiritually or about chakra balancing please let me know. I love all the articles

  5. Rachel says:

    try ‘Kundalini Tantra’ by Swami Saraswati; really interesting read which goes into a lot of depth about the cakras and different energy channels

  6. Angel Joy says:

    Can we use Meditation as tool to open all chakra especially anahata …. I’m trying for anahata chakra experience …

    • Spirit Science says:

      Yes meditation is a great tool to help anyone open their heart! The way we may suggest doing this meditation would be finding a calm space, breathing deeply, then visualize yourself entering your heart space. Ask your heart why it may have been closed and what you can do to help open yourself back up to the divine love. You’ll often get the answers you need right away, but if not try asking deeper questions and always remember to keep breathing!

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