How To Know Which Chakras Are Out of Balance And How To Re-Align Them

There are 7 chakras in the body and many more outside in the auric region. We have the first or Root chakra (Muladhara) that is our base. Moving up we have our sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) which is located around our pubic region or low pelvis. Third is our solar plexus chakra (Manipura), located above the belly button. Forth is our heart chakra (Anahata). Our fifth chakra is located at the throat (Vishudda). Our sixth chakra is located in between our eyebrows and is known as our third eye (Ajna). Lastly, our 7th chakra is our crown and located at the top of the head (Sahasrara).

The chakras are depicted as spinning in a certain direction, usually in unison. The life force moving within us helps perpetuate the movement of the chakra. When one is excessive it is spinning larger than it needs to.

So, perhaps depending on which chakra in question you are working with, you are too open with a certain aspect in your life, maybe it’s money or time or resources. The opposite is true for when a chakra is in deficiency. Being too closed could mean rigidness, closed mindedness, sadness, or withdrawal. When one chakra is off it effects all the others as the energy cannot flow easily.


How to Know What Is Out Of Balance

Aches, pains, soreness, sickness, disease and accidents. Some have linked these bodily aliments to chakra imbalances. Each chakra is associated with an area in the body, thus zeroing in on physical manifestations around that area would help us understand what’s going on with the energetic body.

The Root Chakra has the adrenal glands, spine, blood, and reproductive organs associated with it. Some physical symptoms of unbalance are: the inability to sit still, restlessness, unhealthy weight (either obesity or eating disorder), constipation, cramps, fatigue or sluggishness

The Sacral Chakra has the kidneys and reproductive organs associated with it. Some physical imbalances are: lower-back pain or stiffness, urinary issues, kidney pain or infection, infertility and impotence.


The Solar Plexus Chakra has the nervous system, digestive system (stomach and intestines), liver, pancreas and metabolic systems related to it. Some physical imbalances are: ulcers, gas, nausea, or other digestive problems; eating disorders; asthma or other respiratory ailments; nerve pain or fibromyalgia; infection in the liver or kidneys.

The Heart Chakra has the thymus gland and immune system, heart, lungs, breasts, arms and hands associated with it. Some physical imbalances of the heart are: heart and circulatory problems (high blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart attack), poor circulation or numbness, asthma or other respiratory ailments, breast cancer, stiff joints or joint problems in the hands.

The Throat Chakra has the thyroid gland, neck, throat, shoulders, ears, and mouth all associated with it. Some physical imbalances of the 5th chakra are: stiffness or soreness in the neck or shoulders, sore throat, hoarseness or laryngitis, earaches or infection, dental issues or thyroid problems.

The Third Eye Chakra has the pituitary gland, eyes, brows, base of skull and biorhythms associated with it. Some physical imbalances are: vision problems, headaches or migraines, insomnia or sleep disorders and seizures.

The Crown Chakra has the pituitary and pineal glands, brain, hypothalamus, cerebral cortex and central nervous system associated with it. Some physical imbalances are: dizziness, confusion, mental fog, neurological disorders, nerve pain, schizophrenia or other mental disorders.

You can most definitely spend time on one specific chakra and use different healing tools to eradicate the deficiency or excessiveness of the chakra, but there are things you can do right now to realign the whole system. Some have explained the feeling of alignment as a sense of ease or a certain flow in daily activities. Others report having increased synchronicities. Have you ever experienced what chakra alignment feels like? Here are some quick and simple remedies that can help promote alignment and balance.


How To Balance Your Chakras


Gem stones are a great medicine to work with when you’re feeling a bit off and need a little ‘tune’ up. Some people enjoy placing stones on the area of the body associated with a certain chakra or you can simply hold any stone in your hand, close your eyes, and breath with the intention of allowing the stone energy to ground you. I’d like to add that each chakra has specific stones associated with it and can greatly help with realigning. Doing a little meditation while having the stone on you or holding it in your hand would work as well.

Colour Therapy

Each chakra has a colour association and by intentionally wearing, eating, and choosing the colour you are trying to focus on can help bring in that energy to balance the chakras. For example, if you’re looking to get more connected with your personal power, intentionally wearing a yellow shirt could help boost your third chakra. Or intentionally choosing certain fruits and veggies vibrant in colour like blueberries, pumpkins, or tomatoes, for the purpose of realigning the chakras is an easy and fun way to work with colour therapy.

Galaxy Meditate


Incorporating movement into chakra alignment is awesome because it brings us back into our bodies and the connection to what we are feeling is important. Simple sun salutations references all 7 chakras and gives anyone doing them a great opportunity to move and play with the energy inside and outside of their body with the natural flow of the vinyasa.

Here is one type of sun salutation sequence you can do. Morning is the best, but anytime really will work great.


Anyone that is looking to understand their energetic or spiritual side knows that intentional breath is one of the most important and easiest tools we can use to realign our chakra system.

Breathing ‘into’ any one or each chakra is super powerful because when you put awareness, intention, and breath altogether it’s like switching alignment healing to turbo speed. Intentional breath has the power to clear, calm, and balance any misalignment and can literally be done anywhere, anytime.


Music has a magical quality about it, in the sense that it connects us to something primal. We all have a voice. We all have the ability to drum and play a beat with our hands or feet. We have our own beat in our chests that we can always connect to. Drumming gets inside us and its mere vibration shifts and realigns the energy inside. Singing or chanting has a releasing quality about it and again the vibration of the notes within the body are powerful. Belt it out, hum, tap, strum, or repeat words the next time you could use a little bit of alignment help.


There are traditional herbs and plants like lavender and juniper that can be powerful to breathe in and have around you when you are looking to realign your chakras. Again, there are specific herbs associated with each chakra but some of the popular ones are sage, sweetgrass, and cedar. The smoke medicine greatly helps with clearing and healing any excessive or deficient chakra issues after you’ve dialed into which one would be the most beneficial for you.

The chakra system has a very large scope and you can really go deep with this system. I can say from my personal experience with healing certain chakras and studying the system it is really amazing the shifts that can take place in your outer life. All this inner work is to help transform our outer reality. It’s actually kind of fun if you are trying to work on one chakra for a day or a month and basing your actions, communications, clothes, food, thoughts, etc. around that chakra. If you’re paying attention, magic enters your life.

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10 Responses

  1. Jessica Hackett says:

    As a practitioner of Reiki I would like to offer that it is also a good way of cleaning and balancing the chakras. We can also sense when a Chakra is out of balance in someone and offer possible solutions. I know most Reiki masters will offer their services for a price (monetary price) but as a relatively new practioner I simply do it out of fellowship and love. Some truly are not open to it and don’t get the full benefits, but for anyone who is of open mind to spiritual healing it can be a wonderful experience!

    Blessed be

    • Ron Erickson says:

      I hope doing well and the more charity work you do with your Reiki abilities the higher in heaven you will be. I wanted to share a tip: as a fungus that attacks good souls spirits is the lip fungus or herpes virus and it is like an acid to the body but you can use Zantac to remove it by rubbing two or more tablets all over your nose very slowly then go between your eyes and up to the forehead where the third eye of your chakra/spirit is located. This works in about 20-30 minutes of applying this to yours or someone else’s face and nose. Makes you feel holy if you do this on a regular basis cleans you very well.

  2. Gino says:

    Awesome stuff thank you!!!

  3. Drea says:

    All of them are out of balance. Sigh.

  4. Melissa Rachel Rabago says:

    I still dont know which chakras i need to work on. But i love this stuff if you know any books about growing spiritually or about chakra balancing please let me know. I love all the articles

    • Ron Erickson says:

      You can seek out many balancing chants and chakra balancing videos on YouTube if you have access. You can have them all balanced by your Guardian Angel : Archangel Uriel and he is very good and my guardian angel as well.

  5. Rachel says:

    try ‘Kundalini Tantra’ by Swami Saraswati; really interesting read which goes into a lot of depth about the cakras and different energy channels

  6. Angel Joy says:

    Can we use Meditation as tool to open all chakra especially anahata …. I’m trying for anahata chakra experience …

    • Spirit Science says:

      Yes meditation is a great tool to help anyone open their heart! The way we may suggest doing this meditation would be finding a calm space, breathing deeply, then visualize yourself entering your heart space. Ask your heart why it may have been closed and what you can do to help open yourself back up to the divine love. You’ll often get the answers you need right away, but if not try asking deeper questions and always remember to keep breathing!

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