Ayahuasca Heals Depression

The Scientific Debate Is Over: Sacred Ayahuasca Fights Depression

Sometimes a mind needs external help to clear the confusion, the debris; release the trauma, and renew itself. For many ancient cultures, this aid came from a sacred, ceremonial drink called Ayahuasca. Combining two components creates a special synergy that creates real breakthroughs for people when the drink is consumed. The results were both spiritual growth and healing of mood disorders. What has always been known by the ancient cultures, has seen the light in the scientific community as well. Ayahuasca fights depression, and can heal anxiety, and other mood irregularities.

The Brief History of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca Vine LeavesThe word Ayahuasca comes from the indigenous language Quechua, and its literal meaning is “the vine of the spirits.” Its origin is debated, but its use has been tracked down, many centuries ago to Brazil, Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador. The drink was used both therapeutically and for spiritual ceremonies. So it is today as well.

In 1930s in Brazil it became a part of certain religions and became legal in the country in 1987. Around the same time its popularity traveled across the world.

Even though it is not legal in most places, people are drawn to this sacred drink as it makes a person feel not only at peace and happy, but also connected to the Universe, the Source, God, or any term they feel spiritually connected to.

Recent research into Ayahuasca and psychedelics points to it being a true medicine with serious benefits that simply cannot be overlooked. The hope is that this research may be able to make Ayahuasca legal.

Study: Ayahuasca Fights Depression

There are an estimated 300,000,000 people in the world today who struggle with depression. About 30% of these cases are resistant to treatment. Even when medical treatments work, they are not holistic and ridden with side effects including suicidal thoughts! A new study showed that both of these scenarios have a solution—the psychedelic drink Ayahuasca!

29 people with treatment-resistant depression took part in this study, and all took one dose of either Ayahuasca or a placebo that perfectly mimicked all of its effects.

By the end of this one time treatment, half of the people had an improved mood. The study concluded that Ayahuasca fights depression in 64% of the patients, a significantly larger number than the placebo it was compared to. This is not the only study that ever took place.

A 2015 study from Brazil also found that Ayahuasca fights depression and has many antidepressant qualities. More studies are expected to come out as psychedelic substances are gaining their deserved attention from the scientific community.

How Psychedelics Heal The Brain

Ayahuasca ExperienceThe Ayahuasca study is another huge leap for psychedelic treatments. Psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, and DMT, have been shown to treat more than depression. They also can fight anxiety, memory problems, PTSD, and negative emotions.

Recent research shows that the pharmaceutical companies are wrong to say that depression and other disorders are just a chemical imbalance. Instead, it involves structural changes to neurons that are responsible for your mood and memory.

Psychedelics heal by changing the structure of neurons. This changes how the brain behaves, and how you feel. The best part is—the results are long lasting. Unlike having to take a medication every single day, doing an Ayahuasca ceremony has positive effects that last at least weeks, according to the study. Longer effects have not yet been measured, but the promise is there.



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    Do you know where I can obtain some

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      You can go to the first (and at the time of writing, only) medically licensed facility: Rythmia!
      https://www.rythmia.com/ All booking is done over the phone, if you let them know you were refereed by Spirit Science they will give you a discount!
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