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7 Ways to Attract a Person Using Law of Attraction

Looking to attract a person into your life? Not sure how to find a suitable mate?  Here are Seven ways you can use the Law of Attraction to begin to attract someone into your life.


Visualization is a super powerful tool. The first step you need to do is to have a firm image or idea of who or what kind of relationship you want in your mind. Get an image in your mind of them and write down a list of personality qualities and physical attributes that you are looking for.

Get comfortable and focus on your breathing and count down from 10 to 1. Once you do this you can imagine you and this person doing things together and imagine it with all of your senses and make it feel real. Meditate like this for 10-20 mins a day. The best times to practice this is either right when you wake up, at noon or before you go to bed. The more you do this and the stronger feelings you have, the more you help speed up the process.


Using Affirmations while doing visualizations can help you a lot, for achieving your goal. When you wake up or before you go to sleep affirm to yourself that you enjoy being with that person and that they help make you happy.

You can make your affirmation similar to this: “I am thankful for being with ____ or someone even better for me!
Adding someone better will leave space for someone who will be better for you to come into your life.
Use these affirmation as well; “Your beloved one loves you” or “____ loves me” and remember how this feels. Your energy will start to shift for the better.

Love Yourself First

Love YourselfLearning to love yourself is one the most important steps because when you love yourself it makes it easier for others to love you. You also feel better about everything when you love yourself. You find that you don’t deny yourself of things that are positive.

Tell yourself you are doing well and everything is right where it should be. Using self love affirmations can work well even if you don’t fully believe in them at first. Tell yourself “I love you” and make a list of qualities you like about yourself. Even when you do something that is not ideal, be positive and see the good in what you did instead of bad, if not positively affirm how you will do better next time. Try to be as thankful to yourself as much as possible and show gratitude to yourself.

Stay Positive

Doubting and self-pity will keep you at a low vibration that won’t bring what you want in life. If you spent time thinking the law of attraction isn’t working for you, you won’t get a partner, you will not attract anyone you want to be with. Spending time thinking about the negative traits of the person you want to attract will push them further from you, and you from them.

When you allow love and admiration into your life, you create a space of love and more people will want to be around you. Studies have shown that when you laugh, smile and seem to be having fun, you are much more appealing to others. Try to enjoy everyday and you will be in a much better space and it will be far easier for you to attract what you desire.

Let Go of Fear and Desperation

attract a person let go of fear for loveWhen there is fear about love in your mind, it is blocking you from having that loving experience. Do your best to dissolve the fears about love, and learn to accept all as it is. An easy way to get rid of doubt and fear is in a meditation where you feel the fear, experience it, realise the hurt it can do to you comes from within, then let it go so it doesn’t affect you anymore. This process is called Integration.

Desperation is the opposite of desire. Desperation is a powerful negative energy, it creates a vibration that repels what you want. A good way to remove desperation is to meditate and imagine yourself in a pure radiant light of love around you, remind yourself that you are loved, and you are where you need to be and things will come in the perfect time.

Be Patient

Never give up hope! Sometimes it may seem like it isn’t working or nothing is coming your way often you you are close, keep holding the vision. Try to think of all the good things happening in your life and focus on trying to feel as good as possible. The process can take awhile because love is a big subject that many feel crossways about. The quicker you get into a place of feeling good all the time and believing the person is already with you the faster the relationship of your dreams will come to you.

Let Go

Letting go is big step that most people don’t do and it is crucial in manifesting what you desire. You need to find a way to let go of needing to be with the other person. Think about it, once you prove to yourself you are happy without them, then you will be able to attract them. Put yourself in a place where you can feel the feelings as if you were already in that magical relationship.

Here is a simple exercise that can help. Imagine a pink ball of light in your hands, this represents the relationship that you want to manifest. You can put words, thoughts and feelings into the ball but it will still be purely good, loving energy. Now let go of it and let it float away into the universe. You can use the affirmation “I surrender to my divine light!” or “I only have love and gratitude for my divine light!



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