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Atlantis and its Return Predicted by Famous Prophet

The first information on the ancient fallen civilization of Atlantis came from Greek philosopher Plato who lived around 428 to 348 BCE. Plato was most famous for his analysis of the human condition, and skeptics believe he created the story of Atlantis as a metaphor for humanity. Others consider it to be a part of history that many are still trying to find. In the 19th century, U.S. congressman Ignatius L. Donnelly wrote about it in Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, which fueled more debate into the topic. The more recent and one of the most fascinating pieces of information about Atlantis came from a well-known American clairvoyant and prophet Edgar Cayce, who captured everyone’s interest because of his spot-on predictions. Atlantis’s location, past and future may be one of these predictions.

It’s like he was reading the headlines four years in advance. Consistently,” said Michael Mandeville systems scientist in a History channel interview.

The Life of the Modern Mystic Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was no Nostradamus, but his psychic gifts are highly comparable to the most famous prophet. Cayce’s predictions were not as dark as Nostradamus, but he did predict that two U.S. presidents would die while in office, the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, and the beginning of World War II. The majority of Edgar’s reading were however for individual clients and had a lot to do with health and healing holistically.

Atlantis Edgar Cayce AngelsCayce was different from very beginning of his life. As a child he was seeing his deceased grandfather. At the age of 10, he would get visited by a being with wings while reading the Bible in the woods.

At the age of 23, he completely lost his voice due to laryngitis. This unfortunately event became a turning point in his career and mission. Trying to find a cure, he was introduced to a stage hypnotist, and in a state of trance Cayce was able to correctly diagnose himself and suggest a treatment plan that worked.

This experience set Cayce on the lifetime path of channeling information for others. He would perform self-hypnosis to get into a trance, and receive information for the client which was recorded by his assistant. After the trance he did not remember what he channeled. This earned him a name “The Sleeping Prophet.

Many of his clients came to Cayce for health diagnosis and holistic treatment plans, and he had over 14,000 readings in his lifetime. This may have added to his rather early death at the age of 67. He was told that he should not have more than two readings a day or his health would be affected but he disregarded this advice in order to help others.

Cayce’s health reading had between 85-90% accuracy and surprised physicians at how detailed and medically correct they were. While awake Cayce knew nothing about medicine, in a trance, he used very specific medical language.

While the majority of his readings were about health done for individual clients, he had a lot to say about the state of the world, future events, and historical events that needed to be re-written in books.

Atlantis was one of such topics.

Edgar Cayce’s Channelings About Atlantis

Cayce mentioned Atlantis in 700 readings or about 5% of his life work. One of the major revelations happened when he was asked about potential gold on Bimini, Bahamas. He said that this location was an important part of Atlantis and that temples will be found near there.

A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and sea water near Bimini… Expect it in ‘68 or ‘69 – not so far away,” Cayce said.

Atlantis Concept

In 1940 he made the most intriguing prediction that a portion of Atlantis will rise again in 1968-1969. It caught the interest of a few researchers and soon after a square formation seen in the ocean was captured by camera. This site was later visited and an underground temple was found. A different e-shape formation was discovered at the same time. Then in 1968 two local fishermen took a researcher to a huge stone formation under the water, which was later called Bimini road. It may be the most controversial find in archeological history!

Cayce channeled that Atlantis’ civilization was very evolved spiritually and technologically. Its residents could use quantum energy, used crystals and sound for healing, and practiced telepathy, kinetic abilities, and astral projection. Technology and crystals is what led to Atlantis’s fall. Two parties started fighting for control and the conflict brought on a war.

What Happened to Atlantis?

Cayce channeled that Atlantis was destroyed by three explosions—could be volcanic, earthquake, or something else. The destruction was not done overnight, and took at least a few months if not years. The three explosions may have happened around 50,700 BC, 28,000 BC, and 10,000 BC.

The explosion created giant waves that flooded the land completely. The survivors had escaped to Europe, Africa, and South America.


Atlantis Connection Today

Cayce also revealed that a number of souls from Atlantis have re-incarnated and live in America today. The sole purpose of these people is to raise human consciousness as it is vital to do right now. There are many future paths humanity can take, including destruction. To prevent any negative outcomes on this planet, humans must change their behavior, which is why enlightened souls today can truly change the world.

Do you feel a connection to Atlantis and believe you may be one of these souls? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. Bernadette says:

    I have always had a fascination with Atlantis and its story. I feel I am on the path for higher consciousness. I also love to use my crystals. I would like to find out as much as I can about Atlantis maybe we could help change the world to a better place.

  2. I am one of these souls 🙂

  3. Wendee says:

    Very interesting for me ♡

  4. Wendee says:

    Very interesting ♡

  5. Adrian says:

    I have a feeling there’s not a lot of time left and I’m still learning.

  6. Sylvain Aubichon says:

    Im an alien for sure! :p

  7. Juan Cordova says:

    I think Atlantis will rise again. Thanks to people like jacque fresco and Drunvalo Melchizedek

  8. BLAKE RIVERA says:

    Yes! Everything about my inner truth leads back to ATLANTIS. My Crystal’s and stones do miracles. The halls of Amenti call to me t ok share with everyone I see the truth of the tablets. I am 100% European but was born in America. I have a different soul tho that are leimerian/Hawaiian, native American possibly. All my jewelry and everything I’m drawn to the Astros, thoth, Orion, the seven sisters, and alot of Taurus friends. I believe I’m paleoindian/pleadian! Incarnated here to spread truth and knowledge and to raise frequencies.

  9. Andrea says:

    I have seen some of your spirit science videos and I used to think sometimes the thoughts I have were crazy, I can’t even tell you how much the videos are like comics of the thoughts in my mind. It’s really awesome to find some place, any place in this world today where u feel at home when I read or watch your videos it’s like I’m seeing everything come together fit exactly the way I “feel them” sometimes I call it a “knowing” that I have, I can never explain it, I just know, and I just want to shout out to all humanity to watch your videos and for once feel all the things that mother Earth has been through, and take responsibility for damage we’ve done stop expecting Superman to save us, and learn to believe in the magic within us, and maybe just once take a chance on something beautiful and magical. I can only hope to inspire people to open their minds, and sometimes on the daily I too still wonder why I’m here, but inside my soul I know it’s to engage anybody that will listen. Thank you so very much for your insights and bravery you opened my mind and my eyes the very moment I saw your first video, im not sure how to really let you in on how grateful I am for you, but you gave me hope for the future and purpose for my whole life I hope I do u proud, sincerely ,Andrea mills

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