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Astrology 101: The 3 Layers and the 12 Signs

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  1. ThePaganSun says:

    Somewhat disagree. Leo is not about “love and romance.” That belongs more with Taurus and Libra who are both ruled by Venus. Leo does rule the heart but in this case it represents courage and passion, rather than “love” similar to how Aries’ rulership of the head and brain correlate more to strategy, inclusiveness, and stubbornness as opposed to pure intellect and reason.

    Also, romantic affairs rather than true love or pure romance are part of the 5th House but so are many other aspects often forgotten by astrologers such as sports and athletics, gambling, risk-taking, and all forms of hobbies.

    Leo is a lion and so its energy is intense, strong, and fierce.

  2. ThePaganSun says:

    Sorry typo: Aries’ rulership of the head refers to “impulsiveness” not “inclusiveness.”

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