Two Powerful Astrological Events You May Be Feeling Right Now

The astrological events slated for 2018 are going to impress. Just as we are adjusting from Mercury going direct on April 16th, two new retrogrades have entered into our lives. Saturn entered retrograde on April 17th, which will last until September 6th. Pluto joined on April 22nd, and this one will last until September 30th.

Both Saturn and Pluto can bring the toughest challenges, and then follow these challenges with the greatest rewards. This time, they are both in the same sign of Capricorn, which means they will be working together to facilitate the changes that your life needs.

These two planets do not joke around and are here to create a real shift if we get into the flow of allowing things to unfold as they should. Resisting this energy will be counterproductive. The best decision you can make is to follow the astrological guidance to improve your life and not fight the new. Everything is happening for your own best interests.

Here are ways Pluto and Saturn will try to challenge you and how to navigate this energy to come out fully transformed and incredibly powerful on the other side.

Astrological-RetrogradeWhat Is A Planetary Retrograde?

A retrograde is an optical illusion, but that does not prevent it from being super powerful. Each planet takes different amounts of time to orbit about the sun. Saturn, for example, takes 29.5 years. Pluto takes 248 years. Mercury, which goes retrograde more often out of all the planets, takes only 88 days to transit around the sun.

Because the Earth takes one year to rotate around the sun, it will catch up and pass different planets along the way. When that happens, it will appear like the planet is slowing down and then going backward or ‘retrograde.’ Inner planets in our solar system will spend less time in retrograde because they move faster, while the outer planets will spend much longer.

Saturn and Pluto both being father away stay in retrograde longer. Saturn is retrograde for about 4.5 months every year. Pluto retrogrades for about 5 months every year.

When any planet goes retrograde, the energy it emits affects our inner world. While there is a misconception that retrogrades are ‘bad,’ they are actually an incredible opportunity to notice what is not working in our lives and bring healing and transformation to it.

Atrological-Alignments-PlutoPluto Retrograde: Ending & Beginnings

Pluto, which is still regarded as a planet in astrology, is the farthest planet in our solar system, which means it moves the slowest and stays retrograde the longest. It is the best retrograde for transformation. If something needs to be done, Pluto will know which one of your buttons to push—which challenges or lessons to present—in order to show you what you need to see to make appropriate changes.

This retrograde is often called the retrograde of destruction, death, and endings—but do not let that scare you. The only things that will die are the past that no longer serves you. On the flip side, Pluto retrograde also means healing old wounds, re-birth, transformation, and new beginnings. These are great reasons to actually look forward to this retrograde. The key with this one is to stay in the state of flow and allow things to end if they should. Fighting against the change can cause unnecessary suffering. There is no need for this. Pluto will show you exactly what needs to go, and what needs to come into your life—trust its powerful guidance.

Atrological-Alignments-SaturnSaturn Retrograde: A Journey Inward

Saturn is the planet of karma, and it has a profound effect on us when it is retrograde. When Saturn is direct, its energy reminds us of societal rules, but when it is retrograde—it tells us to break them and build our own guidelines and boundaries. You will likely feel like doing things your own way, feel less drawn to follow authority, and you may even want to ‘fight the system.’
On the opposite side, this sudden freedom to be yourself may force you to say ‘yes’ to everything that comes your way leading to a feeling of overwhelm.

The best way to spend Saturn retrograde is to do a lot of soul-searching. Accept anything that did not work out in the way you wanted it to. The changes make within will soon spread to your outer world as well.

An Astrological Guide to Pluto/Saturn in Retrograde 2018

As previously discussed, both Pluto and Saturn go retrograde at the same time and for almost the same amount of time this year. This coalition amplifies their usual lessons and amps up their transformational energies.

There are a few very specific aspects of how these two planets will help you change your life. They are an astrological soup of great potential and will help guide you along your path this year.

Atrological-Alignments-Past-FutureExamine the Past and Learn From It

Saturn retrograde will ask you to look at your recent past—your life since December 2017—and to analyze what worked for you and what did not. Based on the lessons you have encountered and what you learned from these lessons, Saturn is going to guide you to reflect on what needs to be changed in your life. It will assist you in clearing out what is not working and fix what is broken. Sometimes this requires physical change, other times a shift in attitude or outlook is needed.

Saturn will also help you set boundaries, ground yourself, and take responsibility for your life and happiness. This includes deciding on what it is you truly want and creating a practical list of action steps to achieve your goals.

While Saturn will focus on your life, Pluto will make you go inward.

Meet Your Shadow Self

Pluto retrograde will guide you to dig deeper in order to understand yourself more. Pluto’s astrological path is always a good one to follow when digging into deeper aspects of our self. While digging you are likely to find new truth and find a different level of consciousness. You are also likely to meet your shadow self.

The term ‘shadow self’ was often used by famous psychologist Carl Jung to describe darker and often unknown sides of a person’s personality. These are unconscious ideas, weaknesses, thoughts, and fears. The shadow self can be chaotic, and it is important to acknowledge it.
When the shadow self is ignored it can lead to inauthentic living and a false identity. Instead, it needs to be integrated into the whole that you are. Pluto retrograde is giving you this opportunity.

During Pluto retrograde feelings like shame, guilt, and jealousy, and hidden agendas can all pop-up. That is where Saturn comes to help heal any old wounds regarding these emotions.
Pluto can also facilitate needed ‘deaths’ or endings in your life. It could do a job, a relationship, a friend, or a belief system.

Pluto is all about endings and beginnings. This astrological transit is all about letting go of the old; it will pave the path for the new.

Atrological-Alignments-FLyLet Go and Rebuild

Pluto is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. A Pluto retrograde may push you to question who you are and go through a certain death of self before experiencing a beautiful rebirth and a total transformation.

It can also guide you to recreate your path. If you are on your path, some power struggles may try to move you away from it—stay on your path. It is important to keep a strong focus on what you want to manifest in life and the solutions instead of the problems.

Since life is a series of endings and beginnings, Pluto is just a facilitator of this process.

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