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What to Expect for September 2018; Major Astrological Events and Energies

September 2018 energies will bring the leftover energies from this summer’s astrological events. Four planets are still in retrograde—even though one is just for first six days of September.

Both new moon and full moon are under energetic influences of courage this month, pushing you to do what you have always wanted to do. This is just in time for the Fall Equinox, the day of harvest. After manifesting during spring and summer, the equinox asks you:

What are you harvesting?

Are any Planets Still Retrograde?

After six planets were retrograde half of the summer, you may be wondering—are we finally on the other side yet? In September, there are still a few planets that are not direct yet, but it is nothing as intense as we have just went through. We are seeing the light now!

astrological events September 2018Saturn retrograde that started on April 18th will end on September 6th. You should have done a lot of soul searching in these approximately 140 days and are ready to go outward now into bringing action into the world.

Pluto retrograde from April 22nd until October 1st. Since it is retrograde for about half of the year, it is more cyclical and predictable than the planets that either go retrograde for a short time or only once in a few years.

Pluto is a transformative planet, and similar to Saturn retrograde, it brings internal change. During this time, you should keep looking into your subconscious and cleaning out the old beliefs that no longer serve you and clear forgotten traumas.

Neptune retrograde on June 19th and will stay there until November 2018. Yet another planet that is retrograde for a long time—five months every year. Neptune is the intuitive planet of our Solar System. When it is retrograde, it is recommended to focus on dreams and creative ideas as well as connect deeper with the cosmic energies.

Uranus retrograde began in August 7th and will continue until January 7th, 2019. The Uranus retrograde may be the only unpredictable one of the bunch right now. It is the wildcard that can turn your word upside down and challenge you with experiences that are the opposite of your comfort zone.

September 9 – New Moon in Virgo

The September New Moon on the 9th is in sign of Virgo. It is the last new moon before the Fall Equinox, the last chance to set the intention for what we want to manifest during this season. The surrounding planetary energies will make this new moon bring you courage and opportunities to make those requests. What do you want to create that you have not yet? What did you forget you needed?

The answer should come by the Equinox on September 22nd with the full moon following it two days after.

September 22 – September Equinox

astrological events equinox

The Fall Equinox marks the change of the season, the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

On this day, the day and the night are equal—making it the day of balance. Fall equinox brings the harvest—everything that you have manifested in spring and summer.

To make the most out of this energy, you can write down everything amazing that has happened in the last six months and use it for your gratitude list. The more grateful you feel for what you have gotten, the more you will receive in the future.

September 24 – Full Harvest Moon

The September 24th full moon is named the Harvest Moon because it falls around the time of the September Fall Equinox. In the past, the light of this bright full moon would help the farmers work long into the night and harvest their last crops for the winter.

Harvest moon shows what we have achieved and manifested, as well as provides the space to analyze it and use the information to set new intentions. It is the completion of the cycle of planting the seeds and gathering the results. It is both metaphoric and literal! Farmers use this energy for finishing up their crops and planning new ones. In your own life, this full moon has the same meaning around life experiences and events.

This full moon falls under the sign of Aries, the most action oriented zodiac sign of them all. It will help you set aside your fears, tweak your final goals, and make the changes needed to make them a reality during the next lunar cycle. For now, just enjoy what you have gathered.



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