Break Old Habits and Find Your True Self During Aries New Moon April 2018

If the past two weeks brought a few challenges into your life, you are not alone. The energy of the March 31st Libra full moon pushed each of us to examine what is no longer working. It invited us to get our priorities straight in preparation for the next phase. This new phase is coming on the April 15-16th Aries new moon, and it is bringing us the opportunity to make the changes needed to move forward and create a harmonious life.

These changes will produce amazing results if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown. It is time to let go of bad habits and what is holding you back, and replace them with new ways of thinking and living life. The April’s new moon is one of the best chances this year for positively changing your outlook on life, and therefore giving yourself the freedom to be yourself and truly shine.

Reflect On What Is Not Working In Your Life

Meditate-New-MoonThis new moon is an opportunity to look at all areas of life and see where you need to make changes. These changes will begin in both the mind and in the heart because creating physical transformation requires a shift in the way you view your life.

Keep in mind you are not alone. During this new moon you will be working with the universal energies as a team. You need to stay proactive but you must also stay open to the guidance that is coming through you.

Now is not the time to let the ego convince you that you know all the answers. This is especially important because many changes will feel outside your comfort zone. Instead of listening to your ego screaming to stay where you are, tune inwards and listen—the universe will show you the right way to take action in your life. The answers will come.

This opportunity for positive change is also supported when Mercury goes direct at the time of this new moon.

Take The Opportunity To Practice Patience

Reflecting on your life with full honesty may bring up intense emotions around it. These quick bursts of emotion are not uncommon during a new moon. The good news is they pass as quickly as they come. To stay at peace during the emotional rollercoaster, you will need to practice being patient. Just like the moon has its cycles, so do our emotions. When one arises, acknowledge it—thank it for teaching you what you needed to experience, and let it pass.

Become Your Best Self and Break Old Habits

This new moon falls under the energy of the zodiac sign Aries, which gives you the courage and drive to get in touch with your true self.

Aries allows you to dig deeper into the layers of your being. This might not feel easy; however, discovering the real you is just one of the ways this new moon is inviting you to step outside your comfort zone. Once you do, you will be able to stand strong in who you are in ways you cannot even imagine yet.

Are certain thoughts, behaviors, or habits preventing you from living your best life? If you find bad habits you need to break, forgive yourself for them and start fresh. Bad habits are not your true self. It is time for you to drop these limitations and soar. It can be scary process when the door opens for you to be honest with yourself—yet you are always fully supported in full.

Getting in touch with who you are will also help you uncover if you have a tendency to deny your needs in place of pandering the needs of others. It is time for you to focus on yourself and choose experiences that give you joy and freedom, and fill you with energy. The courageous Aries will help you take charge of your life and believe in yourself.

Manifest New Things | New Moon

New-Moon-ManifestThe new moon energy is amazing for manifestation. And the Aries New Moon this April gives you a head start on creating the mental, energetic, and emotional space needed to facilitate this process. It will help you reflect on what is not serving you in life and remove it from your reality. It will support you in staying present and patient with the process. And finally, it will guide you to discover your true self and what you want from life. All you need to do next is manifest new things into being. The April new moon will ignite you with fire from the unstoppable Aries to commit to your new goals and make them a reality.

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