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Are You A TEKE (A Telekinetic)? This Practice will help you find out…

Are you telekinetic? We’ve been told for years that telekinesis and mind over matter are the realm of science fiction and fantasy with no basis in reality. However, the US government and others have known about the use of telekinesis and many other abilities relegated to the fringe of society and scorned by the masses. This has largely been thanks to programs to discredit anyone showing proof of them to the public via Project Mockingbird and similar disinformation programs in other countries because they feared the public would riot out of fear. Now with disclosure happening via the ‘CIA online reading room’, those commercials from Starship Troopers asking if you are ‘psi active’ might be closer to reality than we ever realized.

Telekinetic EnergyOver the years since online video sites became easily usable by the masses, people have been recording and sharing things they see or can do. Often to the scorn and ridicule of the masses who don’t know they have been systematically indoctrinated against even entertaining evidence of such ideas.

If you’re still reading, you are open-minded enough to entertain the idea long enough to figure out for yourself what you think about telekinesis and whether you are able to use it.

Develop Your Telekinetic Skills

To be clear, no one has publicly verified the mechanism of action telekinesis uses to accomplish it’s feats, only that they are happening through ways unseen and unknown to our currently accepted understanding of physics. There are many theories though, and one is through the connection to the electromagnetic field all humans have via the crystal magnetoreceptors we all have in our brains. Through this connection, we are able to extend our sense of self to encompass the object to be manipulated so that it becomes a part of us just like our hand is and is as easily moved. There is even recent evidence that thoughts are transmitted as electrical waves.1

By practicing this technique you are becoming a part of a decentralized scientific study, and in this case, the data you produce is as good as your methods of collecting it and your ability to have the study repeated by others easily. By properly utilizing the hashtags in your descriptions and making the video public you are creating a public pool of data able to be studied by anyone who wants to do so. This opens the scientific frontiers up and puts it back into the hands of the people rather than private for-profit interests.

To participate in this study for yourself you will need:

  • A video recorder to collect the data, most smartphones or laptops will work.
  • A YouTube channel to upload or live stream the video-data you collect with the following hashtags in the description: #spiritscienetribestudies and #tekejartest
  • A telekinesis jar (TEKE Jar) testing device2 which you can make yourself or buy

With the required items you can begin the study. This will occur over a long period of time. The minimum qualifying time is 30 consecutive days of videos at 5 minutes long each practicing the following method.

You may meditate before beginning recording as little or long as you like. Once you feel ready to start press record on the video recorder, with its angle so it clearly shows the telekinesis testing device and you can see through the glass to the metal object suspended within it. Begin by adjusting your breathing pattern. Close your mouth with your tongue lightly resting touching the roof of your mouth. Breath in through your nose, expanding your stomach first followed by the diaphragm and then the chest, as one continuous inward breath starting at the bottom of your lungs and filling up.

Group MeditationOnce full, hold for a moment and then easily let the air flow out. Repeat this pattern throughout the experiment. As you maintain this breathing pattern, feel into the vibration or buzzing or heat feeling building up within you. Feel and imagine it expanding out beyond your skin to encompass the testing device. Focus on the metal object suspended inside and feel it as a part of you, feel yourself move it as easily as you rotate your hand. You can move your hand physically to help it feel like you are directly moving it.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see it start spinning or rotating immediately. Look for the small movements, notice them when they happen. Repeat them, keep repeating them until it gets easier and easier.

If you are ready to help the world find out once and for all the real science on telekinesis, then join us in this ongoing study and let’s see what we can discover when we all work together!

Additional Resources:

CIA document confirming the existence of telekinesis and calling for further study:



Electromagnetism theory of Telekinesis that this study is testing explained by Michael Monk:


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