5 Key Archangels You Need to Start Working With Right Now

The divine spirit world is full of those whose mission is to help humanity. Besides our personal spirit guides and guardian angels, there are hundreds of archangels (angels who stepped into even higher vibration and rank), and they are here to help humans grow and prosper. Unlike guardian angels, they do not often come forward to help individuals unless there is a unique need for them—or if they are called to help. Working with the archangels will help you feel the divine connection, provide signs and messages, and guide you through life.

How To Start Working With Archangels

All you have to do to call upon them is ask for their guidance out loud by calling their name, in your mind by thinking of the intention behind your request, or meditate to receive the messages.

To easily remember the ways to connect, well-known spiritual motivational speaker Doreen Virtue summarizes it in five easy action choices:

  • Speak: ask archangels a question.
  • Think: form thoughts around your request in your mind.
  • Write: write your question on a note, in your journal, or write archangels a letter.
  • Visualize: explain your request in visual thought form.
  • Affirm: when you received the guidance, thank the archangels. That way they hear that their help has been received and appreciated, and they will eagerly assist again.

There are hundreds of archangels that you can work with and each has a different purpose. You may choose who to call for assistance based on their purpose. Here are a few of the key archangels you can start working with today.

Archangel Michael—Protection and Your Mission

Archangels MichaelArchangel Michael is the most commonly known archangel. He is the closest on to the Creator and is most often depicted carrying a giant sword. It is this sword that gave him the title of the protector. Whether you are looking for protection from physical forces or you need to clear your karmic attachment to others, Michael can effectively and quickly liberate you from any harm.

Archangel Michael can also help protect you from things inside of you such as negative thoughts, fears, and doubts. This is why his second purpose is to help you make any necessary life changes needed in order to find and go forward with your mission in life.

Archangel Gabriel—Creativity and Communication

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger or the communicator. He is the main archangel to ask for inspiration and courage to communicate honestly and authentically. Writers, journalists, poets, teachers, and artists will all benefit from his guidance. He will help get rid of procrastination and find the motivation to create. Besides communication in work, ask Archangel Gabriel to help communicate with your loved ones, especially if there is a conflict or miscommunication. He will work to make sure that both parties understand each other.

Archangel Raphael—Healing

Archangel Raphael is the healer. He can assist in two ways—help your own healing process or support you as a healer yourself. When it comes to healing you, Raphael can get rid of addictions, help find cure or treatment for illnesses, and bring peace to your mind. Whenever you need any type of healing done, mind, body, or spirit, ask Archangel Raphael for his assistance.

Archangel Uriel—Emotional Peace and Knowledge

Archangels UrielArchangel Uriel spreads the light in the darkness and brings truth to light. He is wise and grounded. Whenever you need to learn something new, make a tough decision, or resolve a conflict, Uriel provides the wisdom and the peace to achieve that. His peaceful energy also helps get rid of any negative emotions. In moments that you feel anger or anxiety, ask Archangel Uriel to bring your mind peace and the wisdom to not act upon these emotions.

Archangel Metatron—Spiritual Power

Archangel Metatron keeps records of everything that happens in the universe in the Akashic records. Because of this vast knowledge, he is the one to go to for spiritual guidance, power, and growth. Studying the records, Metatron knows which choices lead to better life paths, and if asked, he will help you make better choices. He will also help you stay positive as he has seen it over and over—positive thought brings a positive life.

He will help you replace any negative thoughts with thoughts of love, for yourself, humanity, and creation. If you are following a spiritual path or would like to dive deeper into it, Metatron is the archangel to call.

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    Thank you

  2. James says:

    Amazing thank you Arc Angels Michael Uriel Raphael Gabriel and Metatron maybyou always be there to help guide and protect me and my loved ones through our lives to fullfill what needs to be done. Thank you all and Glory be to the Father The Son And the Holy spirit. May the HEAVENS BE PROTECTED ALWAYS AND MAY ALL THE ENIMIES FALL AT YOUR FEET AND BE DESTROYED FOREVER. Amen 🙏

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    But they all serving God, so I’ll go directly my prayers to God. & thanking God for everything God has done for me.

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    Angle Raphael, I call on you to please heal me of all my spiritual illness and please angle Uriel grant me your perfect emotional peace that I will be happy ever after

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    Thank you Angles… I need all if you in my life

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    Exactly what l need.! The Arch-Angels.
    From this minute henceforth., l will be working with this five Arch-angels., especially Arch-Angel Michael. l need protection from so many powers that l can’t fight., family-link that is threatening to slow my progress and peace of mind. Arch-Angel Michael., please come and be my protector., fight my battles for me. Amen.

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