The Ankh – What it Means and Why it’s Still Important Today

The symbol of the Ankh is heavily encoded. There are numerous accounts of what it means metaphorically and literally. It is said to be not just ‘the meaning of life’, but the creation of life itself. So many people are drawn to the Ankh, but perhaps most of them do not really know of its deeper meanings, instead are resonate with its value and feel a sense of peace just by looking at it.

The Symbols of Truth

As we know the human consciousness is easily drawn to symbols, our brains are wired to see patterns, images, and messages everywhere and in everything. That is why advertisements work so well on us, and why Tarot cards carry archetypes that are easily understood by most people. The subconscious mind remembers and stores all of these archetypes within the very fabric of our being. The power of story is what keeps these archetypes, symbols, and myths alive and is continuously repeated in movies, books, and art.

Ankh HieroglyphsSo the question is, what does the Ankh really mean? And is there nothing more to its mystery than the sheer fact that it’s been imprinted into our consciousness over generations? After some deeper research, this seems quite to be the truth of the matter as there are as many definitions of what the Ankh ‘really’means as there are people researching the topic. But then again, this could be said for most spiritual symbols.

For the sake of this article, let’s just suffice it to say that the Ankh represents a key of sorts. It is a symbolic reference to the archetypal idea that we are deeply and intimately connected to the source of all life, and at our core, we hold a key to accessing the All.

Tutankhamun – The Classic Ankh Holder

One of the more famous Egyptians, who happen to have the word Ankh in the middle of his name (Tut-Ankh-Amun), was found with an Ankh mirror in his tomb. I found this fascinating, simply due to the double esoteric meaning provoked in the idea of mirrors being the gateway to other realms and the shape of the Ankh being a ‘key of life’. However, this is not a case of understanding life or death, this is a case of being present to our logic and intuition right here and now because this is what truly matters to any of us if we really pay attention.

Put simply, this wonderful play on words (the word Ankh is also known to mean mirror) makes most sense when we recognize an important message that is trying to be passed down. One must always be looking in the mirror of truth at ourselves so that we might keep an eye on where we are in our journey. By being brutally honest with ourselves, and swearing to live our lives consciously, we are no longer able to turn back, and for good reason – we have opened the door of life with the key of the Ankh. Once people begin seeking more than the usual pleasures of life, the deeper meaning and truth of their being and the principles of this life, then and only then, can it be understood that the answer is always in the beauty and blessing of life itself.

What is life?

Life is like spring flowers, they are beautiful when they bloom, but eventually, they will lose their color and return to nature again. The question is whether it’s worth being beautiful like a flower, knowing that all things come to an end, or whether it’s better to not even look at the truth of life, and stay hidden in the ground, where nobody gets to see your colors. The answer is obvious, or it?

Ankh RevealedWell yes, of course, we all want to bloom like a beautiful flower, of course, we all want to understand the secrets of the Ankh, the key to creation, but how? Let’s start with this present moment, look around you – can you feel a sense of gratefulness for what you have. Can you sense the immense gift that life is? We are alive now, you are alive today and you matter to this universe. Look in your mirror of truth every day, and you will be closer to understanding the powers of the feminine and masculine coming together to form a symbol that’s has lasted for centuries – The Ankh.

Peace, love, and light to you.
Miss Synchronicity

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  1. Vicki Whitman says:

    I have always loved this symbol. It was also my first tattoo. A few days after my sister in law committed suicide, I went and got this tattoo with no hesitation. It reminds me daily of how precious life is.

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