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Animal Communication – What You Need To Communicate With Your Pet

Do you want to connect with animals? Whether you would like to ‘talk’ to your pet or even wild animals and birds that you meet on nature walks, telepathic animal communication is a skill that can be developed by anyone. Communicating with a pet is the easiest for starting out.

In nature, animals have their own languages and ways to communicate. Some are intentional using voice or visual behavior, other are unintentional like leaving a scent where they walked. They can also communicate via physical touch.

Because humans have similar ways of communicating, yet different verbal and other languages, to communicate with an animal requires a more telepathic type of communication.

Telepathy is a language that can create a communication bridge between any two beings—and that is exactly what you need practice in order to communicate with your beloved pet or any other animal.

Communicating With Your Pet

Pet Cat CommunicationFirst things first, it is so much easier to start off communicating with pets because they are used to humans and our energy, The easiest way is to connect to your own pet at home (if you have one), because you have already built an emotional bond which will come in handy.

Reinforce Your Bond: First, remember your bond. Always remember to incorporate physical touch into your communication with a pet. Even when you don’t have time to hang out and pet them, just a light touch on the head when passing by will remind the pet that you care and you share a bond.

Remember That the Pet Feels Everything You Feel: Animals are very energy sensitive, and whether you speak about your emotions and thoughts out loud or keep them in your heart, they can feel it. This is why for your emotional health as well as the pet’s, it is important to steer away from stagnant negative emotions. This is especially true if you have a habit of constantly ‘crying on your pet’s shoulder.’ They are happy to help release those emotions in true times of sadness in your life, but if you are just using them as your main emotional release outlet, that can be too much for an animal because they feel your pain but cannot physically help. If you do not overwhelm your pet with your day to day dramas, they are more likely to have the energy for connecting and communicating with you, with intent.

Send Telepathic Messages: To start communicating with your pet, start sending them positive affirming telepathic messages every day. To do so, imagine the thought in an energetic form leaving from the top of your head and traveling into the head of the animal. At first it helps if the animal is sitting right next to you. You can tell them that you are about to put food in their dish, or tell them ‘have a good day, I love you, and I will be back soon’ before heading to work.

Communicate Simply and in Pictures: Animals speak in shorter sentences and are much better with picture than words. When sitting next to your pet, place your hand on their head to reinforce the bond. If you want to use words, imagine them leaving your head as light and appearing in your pet’s mind. Start with simple sentences like “How are you feeling today?” or “Do you like this new food I bought?” Clear your mind when you do this and stay open to receiving an answer in a picture form. You can also try asking a questions in pictures. Telepathically send them a picture of a toy you want to buy them and see if they like it. After sending this picture-question, did you get an image of your pet playing with the toy or walking away from it? That is your answer. If you are looking for word answers, be prepared for short replies like ‘fun’ for the toy, or ‘belly’ if your pet is looking for pets instead.

Let Pets be Pets: Many animals communicators always remind their clients that pets are animals not humans. Too many owners try to pretend that their pet has human qualities by dressing them up in sweaters, asking them advice about work, or expecting too much from them. When trying to communicate with a pet, please remember that they are animals, and they chose to be animals. They want to enjoy what they enjoy, and act as they act, so do not put human expectations on them, or to do something or to communicate. They will communicate with you in their way at their own time as long as you keep that telepathic communication line open.

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