What Happened When A Businessman Met A Siberian Mystic Woman, Anastasia.

When a Russian entrepreneur traveled to Siberia on a work assignment, he never expected this trip to change his life—or start an international spiritual community movement. One meeting with a mystic woman named Anastasia crumbled all of his old beliefs about the world, replacing them with a different understanding of creation, humanity, and nature.

He wrote of his discoveries and teachings from Anastasia in a book series called the Ringing Cedars of Russia in the 1990s. This knowledge gave life to over 230 eco-villages in Russia, and a few in other countries as well, as it opened the minds of many people over the years. Many say that this book series (which has now been translated into a dozen languages) is of similar, if not greater, importance as is the Celestine Prophecy—another journey of a spiritual awakening.

The awakening of the author of the Ringing Cedars, Vladimir Megre, was not conventional and also far-reaching. He and Anastasia changed the lives of many.

Who Is Anastasia?

“All universal wisdom is contained in each human soul in perpetuity, from the moment of the soul’s creation” -Anastasia.

Anastasia WomanWhen Megre meets the stunningly-beautiful Anastasia, he swears that there is no one like her on Earth. Like some sort of Goddess, she challenges his understanding of everyday life. In her life, everything is done differently. She lives in a forest in close connection with the animals—is even friends with a bear; she dislikes wearing clothes and has no need for modern civilization. Yet, her free-spirited lifestyle is nothing like any of the modern alternative movements.

She is extremely intelligent and is knowledgeable about the state of the world, even if she has never been out of Siberia. She gathers her information from the Earth and shares wisdom and morals way beyond her age.

These teachings have inspired thousands to start eco-communities with many of Anastasia’s ideas in mind. One of the biggest pieces of knowledge that came from her is information about the healing powers of the “ringing” cedars.

The Healing “Ringing” Cedars

The ringing cedars described by Megre are a type of Siberian conifer tree that are as old as 500 years of age. At this age, it is said that these trees have absorbed a lot of energy from the Earth, as well as the cosmos, and that is ready to be released for the benefit of creation.

When the trees are ready they start to “communicate” to those who can hear them by “ringing.” This is how the local elders know that it is time to harvest from them.

Anastasia CedarThe wood from these trees is made into a pendant, which is worn for protection and spiritual growth. The nuts and oil from the cedar are used for healing purposes.
Cedar has been used medicinally for a long time in places in and outside Russia.

Native Americans used pine needles for lice prevention; the father of Western medicine Hippocrates recommended it for respiratory health; and pine oil has been studied for anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties.

Further natural medicine studies of cedar oil (also known as pine nut oil), as well as treatment recommendation from a Russian M.D., is available at

Eco-Communities and Green Responsibilities

The eco-communities that Anastasia inspired erupted from the hearts of Russian who already loved spending vacations closer to nature in dachas (a country house with a garden that most families own).

Anastasia takes that idea and applies it to everyday living in micro-communities that are family oriented.

Anastasia Eco VillageEach family has a homestead—a plot of land to grow food—nearby woods and fields to forage for wild food, their own water source, and is self-sufficient. At its center is a family with future generations to come.

There is a big push toward responsibility for the planet and each other that is discussed in the books. Anastasia teaches people to treat others well because every person is a part of a community fueling the whole collective. How we act either brings the collective toward the light or towards darkness.

“The big circle is the Earth, the planet people live on. The small circles are small collectives of people who are bound together by something. The points are the people who lead these collectives. Whether or not the people around those leaders are doing well or bad will depend on how these leaders treat the people, what they have them do, and what kind of psychological climate they create through their influence. If the majority are doing well, a light emanation will come from each of them and from the collective as a whole. If they are doing badly, then the emanation is dark,” Anastasia told Megre.

As any movement, the followers of the Anastasia movement have their critics. This pressured Megre to say at one point that the books are fictional to appease his critics and be able to sell his book worldwide. Read the books yourself and decide what you believe.

Anastasia is remarkable because regardless of whether she is a real mystic, a spirit channeled in the woods, or an idea, the knowledge from the books has inspired believers and non-believers alike. Its messages resonate with many who are looking for a prosperous, more nature-filled, and community-based life.

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