Cancer Astrology Season

A New Astrological Season Just Started – What This Summer Has In Store For You!

As we move into another astrological season, there are many unique changes and energies that interact with all of us, and as of the Summer Solstice on June 21st, we are now officially in Cancer season!

The first three zodiac signs are responsible for the sense of self. When we enter the sign of Cancer, we go into a completely different mode. When we are developed as self, then we want to share with the other. This season is about giving, not just your love, fertility, wholesomeness, or thoughts. Cancer gives without bounds without rules. The sign of Cancer in many ways is like the ocean, we are dealing with something that is mystical and unknown. We know very little about the ocean. A lot of times people will take the Cancerian (can very much be your mother, as Cancer is ruled by the moon and is this motherly, nurturing, compassionate, feminine energy) in their life or the abundance that it very much gives you, people take it for granted.

Cancerians are questioned constantly, their motivations, relationships, sexuality, morality because when you are in a presence in something you cannot understand, 99% of the time you will make something up to make yourself feel better. Anyone, who is trying to grab on to a branch to pull themselves out of the depths of the ocean(Cancer), and they use gossip as opposed to using facts or what actually happened, they are the weakest of the weak.

One word you can associate Cancer with is “the Mother”, she gives without question, she takes without question, she does whatever she wants. Your mother will put up with stuff that nobody will ever put up with or let it slide. Cancerian is like the rib cage in your body, holding your lungs (Gemini) and the heart (Leo). Protect which is what is vital to life, breath and blood. Cancer is represented as a crab because, you have to be hard on the outside and super soft and squishy on the inside as to not crush them and are comforted.

What You Can Expect This Astrological Season

Cancer AstrologyWhat happens in Cancer season and with Cancerians, is that people will encounter one or the other (exterior or interior) and feel betrayed that the one they didn’t see coming. It is a dual sign, it follows Gemini, brings duality with it and transmutes it.

There are no rules in the ocean, it just dominates. If you come to a Cancer like “hey, I have this salt water, this gunk I want to let out.” Cancer says ” Come on, I am an ocean full of tears, another few drops isn’t going hurt, come in.” BUT if you come at a Cancer with anything but VULNERABILITY, you’re going get hit with the hard shell of the crab and bounce right off it and not get through, because this is the COSMIC crab, not your normal crab, this is the OCEAN.

Taurus and Gemini season helped you get on your flow, when you flow your flow PEOPLE GET MAD. Because flowing your flow makes you super powerful, when you are super powerful everyone can tell. Things you can’t hide in this world: WEALTH, BEAUTY, & VIBE. When you are in your play space and you are vibing, people want to interrupt and see what’s up or going on. People are attracted and magnetized in positive and negative ways.

I’ll let you know what not to do during this season, NOT TO PULL EVERYTHING IN, that nonsense that people what to involve you in. People will be extra loud about what they are feeling bad about. You may feel like “Ok, this is my fight. Ok, this is my hurt. Ok, let me let you waste my time…”. We aren’t doing the all-encompassing season. You must remember that your feelings are SUBJECTIVE, your feelings are only as real as you choose to experience them. The intensity of which you feel something is UP TO YOU. Cancers are the sign that if you don’t act right to them, you shouldn’t go near them. Cancers have dangerous karma that can be reflected right back to you right when you hurt them deeply without even knowing you did. Universe takes note of it. The Cancer will take all the bullshit even if it kills them. They are serious, it’s a serious season. Don’t let the summer fool you. It is an emotional month.

Don’t go by feeling, you’re going to take in everything and it’s going to hurt. You have the choice this season to push them out your shell, to take certain things out, the trash in your ocean. That’s the first part: taking the trash out. Good luck.

Tips for Handling Cancerian Energies

Cancer StarsAs soon as the Cancerian (or you) takes out something in their lives, especially people, those people can’t wait to come back. “I was down for you but I am not checking for you anymore, and now you want to come back?” The thing about being in the shell is that everyone likes being in the shell, even trash.

People start acting “how dare you respect yourself? how dare you not let me be a part of your thing? Who do you think you are?” and the Cancer is like ” Who are you again? I forgot, what’s your name again?” “I am the ocean. Who are YOU?” I will drown you if you come in.” Those people who end up outside of the shell, will do and say anything to get in the shell, and taunt you until you let them in your space. Once they get back in they are usually still toxic for you and you know that deep within. A lot of Cancer season is DISCERNING what you want back in. Being able to healthily push out what doesn’t belong BUT NOT BE SO QUICK TO BRING BACK IN BECAUSE IT TRIGGERS YOU.

These people will come back. They see you happy, they see you being inclusive, they see you having a good time, see you happy being in your circle and they want in. “I want to be gang OR I want to be such a HATER that the gang notices me. Whichever one is fine with me but what about me?” and you just have to be like “No. Someone take care of the trash in this aisle please.”

Here you are in your shell, with your loved ones, family, friends. You have effectively ignored everyone, taking the trash out, and it’s just you and your peoples. Now, Cancer season is about feeling and healing. You continually feel to heal. Your clan, gang, tribe, family, friends, people within your structures need healing this month, they are hurting, they need empathy and compassion BUT YOU CANNOT be giving it to anyone because you will be taken advantage of and be used to defame you in the long run.

Whether you are a Cancer or not, it is your job to answer that call when people need healing. So how do Cancer’s do this without running out? Well first, the ocean doesn’t run out. The reason why they have unlimited energy, power, intuition, and insight is because they only give it to a selective few. You need a way out this season, to keep that emotional balance. This season you need to be alone with your feelings your love, and people. Cancers need to be let alone so they can give better after they are given the time to re-center.

People who wants “mom’s attention”, what these people have in common is no imagination. They cannot conceive a sign or energy that takes their negativity and throw it back at them. The lack of imagination leads them to step over a boundary they didn’t see. The ocean hits you. You’ll feel people talking about you, you sense it, feel the negativity. Let the ocean do the job, you don’t have to do anything. That is the ability to do this if you’re a Cancer or not.

Just don’t fall into the typical Cancerian traps:

  • When people are being mean to them they take it really personally not knowing the amount of jealousy behind it.
  • People are very competitive towards Cancerians (Why does he/she get that? I should get that!).
  • Don’t go forging for pain.
  • They have a tendency to be overwhelmed by the people in their shell because they can be too needy, because mom never really says no, there are no limits with her. If you feel that way, you say ” Mom, needs a break. I’ll be right back.”

Highly-refined Cancers find this whole game hilarious. Even when people are awful to them or really needy, their just here for all of this. If you can find yourself there, GREAT!

We can learn that the shell can get harder and harder on the outside but also softer and softer on the inside.

Do enjoy the summer and the life abundance it gives!

Enjoy what this season can really bring out in people!

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