The 9 Most Common Spirit Animals – What They Mean and How To Work With Them

Do you often see one particular animal appear in front of you? Or do you feel a certain familiarity with a particular animal? Animals can be your guides and messengers on this Earthly journey. Shamans and healers from different schools of thought have worked with spirit animals since ancient times, learning from their wisdom and connecting closer with Mother Earth or Gaia.

You may have one or more main spirit animals, but many will come and go throughout your life—some on a daily basis.

How Do Spirit Animals Communicate?

Spirit Animals HorseTo receive messages from spirit animals all it takes is intentionality and observation. It’s often as simple as an animal crossing your path on the road or a bird can appear in the sky at just the right time. They can also come to you in a dream or during a meditation. Detailed messages from these guides can be received using any psychic ability. However, just seeing a spirit animal has a specific message of itself.

Here are a few of the most common spirit animals and their meanings.

9 Most Common Spirit Animals

As bear hibernates in winter to prepare itself for a new spring, its spirit is a reminder that you need healing. The bear symbolizes sacred alone time and rest. At the same time, it is an incredibly strong animal that can win against adversity and has great leadership qualities. If you feel healed and ready, spirit-bear energy can guide you to heal others and take action in your life and your community to improve life.

A fox animal guide can get you out of any obstacle or a tricky situation. It is clever and quick-thinking. While sometimes viewed as deceptive, foxes use a different, more creative approach to difficult situations and get out being winners. A fox animal guide can be useful during sticky business situations and when needing clarity about what kind of person is in front of you.

Horse animal guide represents freedom, self-expression, and inner strength. It may be a sign of needed change. The horse will help you overcome any fears or obstacles and take off in a new direction in your life.

Spirit Animals EagleEagle
To see an Eagle in the sky is a sign that you need to look at your life from a new perspective—soar up high to see the big picture. The eagle can see what it is looking for from far away with ease. It asks you to stop focusing in on any situation in your life and instead get a big overview. What you need is probably hiding in plain sight, and the eagle will give you a new perspective as well as the wisdom and courage to find it.

When the lion is in control, it radiates confidence, personal power, strength, and leadership. When the lion loses its way, it becomes aggressive, angry, fearful, and controlling. When a lion animal spirit shows up in your life, you want to make sure that you are being in control of your life, and not acting out of fear or anger—which is usually the same thing.

The owl symbolizes wisdom and intuition. It is very observant and knows more than others. Because of its ability to see in the dark, it is also good at seeing what is hidden, what could not be previously seen. Call upon an owl when you feel like someone is hiding something, or you need to cut through illusions and see clearly.

Rabbits are incredibly fast and quick-witted. A rabbit animal guide is asking you to stay alert and follow your intuition—if something does not feel right, move.

Because snake is a pro at shedding its skin and starting new, it is the perfect guide for anyone in need of transformation. A snake will help you to completely let go of the past—old layers—heal and transition to a better chapter of your life.

The wolf is guided by strong instinct as well as a will for freedom. It can help you follow your gut instinct more often and connect you with your primal self. If you have never tried to howl like a wolf, it is very liberating.

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