The 9 Most Common Spirit Animals – What They Mean and How To Work With Them

Katalina Aster

Katalina is a writer, community builder, and changemaker. Her journalism background, coupled with a passion for creating global change, allows her to write articles on a variety of cutting edge topics related to health, spirituality, higher consciousness, and human connection. Since childhood, a sequence of events and new beliefs all came together to open a new path for her. This led her to learning about astrology, crystal healing, metaphysics, numerology, Tarot readings and new age philosophies. Using these philosophies and knowledge, Katalina hopes to inspire others to find their way to happiness, loving conscious relationships, and feeling more connected to the universe.

2 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    I been friends for awhile with this guy and he does make me happy and would like to sart dating him or at least see him again. We text about every other day . I feel really comfortable with him. But don’t know how to ask him out or go forth. What I should do ? Kurt is name . He be perfect for me . I do have strong feeling for him

    • Liam Heartman says:

      Hello Lisa.

      So often we are afraid of rejection we become paralyzed, unable to act and we miss the opportunity. Not acting is a guarantee nothing will change, letting him know how you feel and asking them out on a date is the only way to move forward toward your dream. Go for it, be confident and if it doesn’t work out don’t worry, that just means something even better is on it’s way to you!

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