Spiritual Muscles

Healer Identifies 6 Spiritual Muscles to Train for a Meaningful Life

It is not just your body that gets stronger when you train, the spirit can grow to be more powerful too. Intuitive energy healer based in Tokyo, Japan Jeffrey Allen identified six areas of spiritual development that he calls “spiritual muscles” that you need to train in order to achieve a truly meaningful life full of happiness and alignment.

Spiritual Muscle

Spiritual Muscles 6The first muscle is spiritual. Are you spiritually awake and aware about life? This awareness makes sure you know that connected to the rest of humanity and the world and that connection is felt. You feel that every experience matters and has a bigger purpose. You are here on Earth to learn about existence, yourself, and others, and to grow. You are not just here to go to work, pay the bills, watch TV, and repeat the process until retirement.

When it is strong: When the spiritual muscle is strong, you know that you are supported and guided in life by forces bigger than you are. You feel confident that you are on the right path in life, and that life is abundant.

When it is weak: When the spiritual muscle is weak, you may find yourself struggling more than you should have to. Feelings of loneliness and disconnection from everything, and a general sense of dissatisfaction are common for you. Instead of feeling guided in life, you feel like you are stumbling in the darkness and merely guessing the way.

Self-Awareness Muscle

The second muscle is of self-awareness, it makes you realize that you are more than your body, mind, or thoughts. You are a soul that has a body. You have a consciousness that is bigger than all of the rest of your material existence. This muscle also gives you a stronger awareness of time. Time is a construct of the mind. When you are aware of that, you can live completely in the now.

When it is strong: Strong self-awareness muscle makes you feel like your life is in your
hands; you are in control—a powerful creator who can manifest anything they want into physical experience. If something is not satisfactory, you have the power to change it.

When it is weak: When this muscle is weak, you feel like you have zero control over life. Life keeps happening to you. This may lead to feeling hopeless.

Mental Muscle

Spiritual Muscles BrainThe mind is incredibly powerful and is given for you to use for creating what we need in this world—both spiritual and on the physical plane. When you meditate and work on your subconscious thoughts and processes, you make sure that your mind is in your hands and does not run your life unconsciously.

When it is strong: A strong mental muscle means you, yourself are in control of your thoughts, thus in control of your reality. You have worked through your triggers, prejudices, and any societal paradigms that do not serve you.

When it is weak: A weak mental muscle is full of distracting, subconscious thoughts that drive you in life. You feel a lack of focus, negative thoughts come up too often, and you have a general lack of control over your own thoughts.

Impact Muscle

The impact muscle is important because deep inside each of us wants to make an positive impact on this world and the people we encounter. Leaving your positive mark on this world is a huge part of fulfillment.

When it is strong: It is strong when you know you are positively affecting your surroundings, and taking beneficial opportunities as they come to grow into a bigger and bigger person and leader and helping others more. You know you are making a difference in the best way you can at this moment.

When it is weak: It is weak if you feel unfulfilled in life. Life seems boring, uneventful, and unproductive. You may be stuck in a dead-end job with no growth potential and not taking any opportunities to make your life better. You have accepted having a small footprint instead of reaching for your full potential.

Emotional Muscle

Spiritual Muscles EmotionYour emotions are your way of self-expression, and if you have a balanced, authentic emotional state, you are able to do exactly that.

When it is strong: When your emotional muscle is strong, you feel free to express your emotions, to feel what you feel, but to not feel like you are drowning in them. You do not repress emotions, but express them with ease and let the negative ones go after acknowledging them.

When it is weak: A weak emotional muscle can lead to either of the two radicals—either a complete inability to feel, or feeling way too much all the time. You have not learned how emotions are energetic information for you to use to help choose the most beneficial path in life. Instead you let emotions run wild and carry you with them.

Physical Muscle

Finally, in the three-dimensional physical world, we do have our bodies, our physical ‘vessels.’ While on a spiritual journey, it is important to not forget about your body, take care of it, love it, and have a positive relationship with it. Your body is sacred.

When it is strong: A strong physical muscle means you show up in life. You are not afraid to be seen exactly as who you are. You express yourself fully in your movements, gestures, even dance. You care for your body with healthy food and exercise. You feel alive, and are excited to show it.

When it is weak: When the physical muscle is weak, you feel disconnected from your physical body. You may feel clumsy, not strong or energetic, or even experience symptoms of dis-ease. How you feel in your body, has a direct affect on how you are in all areas of your life.



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