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The 6 Psychic Abilities You Already Have — Using Them to Your Live Life to the Fullest

Have you ever done something simply because your gut told you so? Then you have followed your psychic abilities, albeit perhaps unconsciously. Each and every one of us has these gifts and learning about them can help you use them more effectively. In some circumstances this can make your life easier; in others, this can help you make the best decision in a life-changing situation.

Numerous types of these intuitive or psychic abilities exist—astral projection, automatic writing, and aura reading are just a few to name. Many more are being discovered today as humanity’s consciousness evolves. To begin this personal journey of intuitive development, start by learning the main six types of psychic abilities.

When you read the description of each, see which one sounds like you and start practicing using it more often. Even though we all have access to all of them to some degree, there is also one or two primary abilities that will stand out from the rest.

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Clairvoyance — The Most Common Psychic Ability

All of the names for main psychic abilities begin with clair—French for clear. Clairvoyance stands for clear seeing. It is also the most common ability people think of when imagining a psychic. In the popular mainstream books and movies, a clairvoyant psychic is often portrayed as looking inside a crystal ball to see someone’s future. In real life, that is not exactly how this skill plays out.

Some people may be able to physically see ghost, Archangels, and spirit guides. However, for the majority of clairvoyant psychics, having visions is like a memory that plays out in their heads. Do you randomly see images in your head? It could be a single image or a color, or a whole storyline of events. Some are more clear than others. These images are seen by the third eye, and if you practice this skill, they can become as clear and as meaningful as seeing things with your own two eyes. Clairvoyant messages can also come to you through dreams.


Clairsentience — Psychic Feeling

Clairsentience, another common one of all psychic abilities, means clear feeling. It is a sudden feeling of an emotion or energy that no other senses picked up. Maybe you just met a new person and even though visually you see nothing wrong, but you feel that they do not have good intentions.

Similarly, you may meet someone who does not logically fit your usual circle of friends, yet your intuition is telling you that this person will become really important to you in the future.

Clairsentience can tell you a lot about a situation or a person, can help you make important choices in life and protect you from harm.

Sometimes if something feels wrong, it is. And if something unexpected feels important, it is best to follow that feeling.

Many empaths—people sensitive to energy—are clairsentient. If you know you are an empath, the only thing to be aware of is that you can pick up energies that are not your own. For example, being around an anxious person, you may feel anxiety and think that it is a warning sign for you that something is wrong. In reality, you may be picking up someone else’s emotions. When that happens, ask your intuition: “Is this feeling my own?”


Claircognizance — Psychic Knowing

Claircognizance means clear knowing. It can be often described as the gut feeling. Do you ever feel like “your gut told you so?” Some things you may feel like you just know without any other explanation. This knowingness can come in a form of emotion or thoughts. Unlike receiving messages using clairsentience, you will not need to analyze the feeling that came to you. You will immediately know what it means.


Clairaudience — Psychic Hearing

Clairaudience translates to clear hearing. Some channelers, those who hear spirits talk to them, fall into this category. Similarly to clairvoyance, being clairaudient may allow you to actually hear messages with your physical ears, but commonly you will use your inner hearing to receive messages. Just like you can replay movies and memories in your head, you can also replay songs and things that were said to you.

Clairaudience allows you to hear messages in your head as if you heard them with your physical ears. Most of the time you will hear them in your own voice, but learning discernment, you will eventually understand which ones did not come from you. They may be shorter or longer than your regular sentences, seemingly off topic, and for some reason, they simply stand out in your mind as important. That is because they are.


Clairgustance — Psychic Tasting

Clairgustance is one of the two least talked about psychic abilities followed by clairalience. It means clear taste. It is exactly what it sounds like—an ability to receive messages using one’s taste buds. Entering a new place, for example, you may get a taste in your mouth that should mean something for you. If you cannot figure it out, it is suggested to write these experiences down, including what happened after. Eventually, you will be able to see a pattern and associations with each taste.

A common experience a clairgustant might have is tasting a favorite food of a passed relative who is communicating with them.

Psychic Abilities Clairsentience

Clairalience — Psychic Smelling

Clairalience, or clear smell, allows you to smell something that is not there. A particular smell, in this case, is a message. You may smell a perfume someone who passed used to wear or dead relative’s cigarettes. You may also smell something from a faraway environment. For example, if you ask about how someone you know but cannot reach is doing, having clairalience may provide you a clue to where they are. Maybe you will smell cut grass, or maybe a smell of fuel or a hospital. You may also receive smells that give information about everyday life. For example, you may suddenly smell flowers at work, only to come home and find them on the kitchen table.


Which Psychic Abilities Should I Develop?

It is easier to start developing the psychic abilities that you already have. Think back through your whole life including childhood, as our abilities are often naturally heightened at that time. Have you ever received messages in forms of visions, thoughts, feelings, scents, tastes, or as a gut feeling?

If you cannot find the one ability that stands out to you, think to non-psychic skills that you have—as they are interconnected.

  • Do you prefer movies to books? Are you a visual artist? Do you find a lot of joy in color and vibrancy? Then you may be best at clairvoyance.
  • Are you sensitive to energies and other people’s emotions? You likely have clairsentience.
  • Do you often follow what your gut tells you? Claircognizance is the one most of us are most in tune with—the gut feeling.
  • Are you a musician or simply cannot live without music? You may best benefit from exploring your clairaudience.
  • Do you possess a strong sense of taste and could be a food critic? Can you pick out ingredients from a meal based on taste alone? You may want to work with clairgustance.
  • Finally, if you have a strong sense of smell and can smell things before anyone else can, you can work with clairalience.


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