4 Easy and Effective New Moon Rituals That Will Transform Your Life

Many ancient cultures and ancestors who came before us used the moon to aid them in their lives and missions. Many still do. The Hindu lunar calendar begins with the new moon or Amavasya, the day when the moon is not visible. In the traditional Chinese calendar, the new year begins on a new moon. And even today, the Old Farmer’s Almanac tells us when it is best to plant vegetables or prune plants based on the moon cycle. Additionally, scientists have witnessed different behavior in animals guided by the moon. All of this is not surprising—the moon is a massive celestial body and the closets such body to Earth. Its phases can affect your behavior, thoughts, and feelings; and most importantly can bring an abundance of positive change into your life when these potent energies are used to their full cyclical potential.

Just like Earth, the lunar cycle has four seasons. At its third quarter phase, it is Spring; a time to start creating and to start coming out of your comfort zone into the new—where anything that is amazing can happen. The full moon is the Summer; it is a time to harvest your achievements and to reflect upon them to start the next cycle even better than the last. The first quarter is Fall, when we celebrate the harvest (the achievements), while also cleaning up and letting go of old energy before the next cycle. Finally, we have the new moon, or winter. This is the phase to go inward and rejuvenate while planting the seeds of ideas in your mind and sending them into the universe for future manifestations.

The new moon is an incredible time to start manifesting all that you desire. Setting up a special tradition to follow during the day of the new moon may help bring you life-changing energies to work with. Regularly devoting oneself to a new moon ritual may prove to be one of the best spiritual practices you choose for yourself and your life journey.

The Importance of a New Moon Ritual

The power of rituals is in the intention behind them. Give your focus and undivided attention to what is in front of you and what you are trying to cultivate and bring forward in your life.

These mini-rituals do not have to take a lot of your time—unless you would like that. They can be built upon to create a whole evening celebration for you personally or a group of people. Or one ritual can take as little as five minutes of your time with no preparation needed. It is your time, and you have a lot of choices on how to use it.

Here are some quick, easy, and powerful tools to help you harvest the powers of the new moon and its new beginnings.

1 – Cleanse your surroundings | 5 minutes

New-Moon-SageTo clear space for new things to come into your life, the old energies need to be removed—specifically any dense stagnant energy that is no longer serving you.. An easy way to do so is to go around your house, your room, and especially the space by the front door (an invitation for new things coming) while burning sage or with a burning candle (white color ideally but any light color should work, just be in tune with how that specific color makes you feel before using it). If you feel called to do so a deeper ritual can be the act of house cleaning or de-cluttering your space.

2 – Take a relaxing and healing bath | 30 minutes

After clearing out your surroundings, detoxing your body and mind is equally important. You know best where you are at in your cleansing process. If there is something you still cannot let go of, this ritual will prove to be beneficial. At the same time, this ritual can be used for getting into a meditative state and releasing your requests for manifestation into the universe.

Look into and play around with what to add to your bath to facilitate healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You can add a cup of Epsom salt for physical detoxification, lavender essential oil for relaxation, and light a candle to get your mind into a grounded and present state. It is said that an ideal bath is no longer than 30 minutes.

3 – Meditate | 15 minutes to an hour

New-Moon-MeditationDoing a meditation during the new moon can be used in at least three different ways. First, it can help you get clear on what is going on in your mind and heart. It can help access repressed emotions and thoughts so you can let them go—forgive them, love them, and let them go.

When your mind feels clear of the past, the second step is to acknowledge the unknown and be at peace with it. When the moon is new, and it is not visible in the sky, it is a good time to come face to face with any fears you may have of the unseen future.. The old is no longer here, the new has not yet come. It’s a moment of pause before the next big journey. It is time to cultivate courage and trust that like the full moon, our amazing manifestations are coming—even if we cannot see them yet.

Finally, the third step is to use this courage to get clear with what we want to manifest. The universe loves and needs clarity. The universe is like a loving parent. You can send it off to buy you a perfect gift for a special occasion, but unless you request something specific, it may come back with something you need but not anything you expected. While it will bring you something that will help you on your journey , being clear on what to ask for will speed up the process. There is absolutely no need to worry, all of this is just a process, and none of us are perfect at it. So, take this opportunity to fearless ask for what you truly want without holding back.

4 – Journaling | 5 minutes to an hour

New-Moon-JournallingFinally, a fan favorite, it is incredibly beneficial to journal at this time. You can use a journal you always use or you can buy one specifically to use just during the new moon—this will create a manifestation trigger in your mind. Every time you see it, you’ll instantly tune into the manifestation energy.

After letting go of the past stagnant energy, getting clear on your intentions, and getting the courage to ask for them (which can be done during a meditation or in a journaling session), it is time to request from the universe exactly what we are manifesting.

From your highest self and from your most joyful vision of the future, write or even sketch in full detail everything that you would like in your life, your relationships, your work life, your mission, and your abundance. Write it in the present tense like you have already received it. While you write, try to tap into the emotions of how it would feel to experience joyfulness, freedom, creativity, abundance, love, and gratitude..

If you’d like to bring this tool to the next level, you can take the key phrases and images from what you have written and use them to create a vision board. Having a visual manifestation of your goals to look at will serve as a constant reminder of your dreams and keep the manifestation energy high.

Choosing the right ritual

The new moon ritual is there for you, and for anyone else you invite to participate. It is there to serve you! It is completely up to you which tool to choose, and how much time to allocate for it. Choose the ritual that you feel excited about doing and adjust it to fit your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences. Under no circumstances should a ritual feel like a burden in your schedule, because feeling that way will lower your vibration and defeat the purpose of it in the first place—which is celebration of new beginnings and pure potential. Try all of the different rituals until you find the one you cannot wait to take part in, the one that you are happy to put on your calendar, the one the fills your heart with excitement just thinking about it. Then go forth and manifest your heart’s desires!


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