The Art of Emotional Integration

Aaron Fehr

Born a spiritual seeker, I have always been passionate about the various perspectives of our reality and our creators. My mission in life is to walk the path of the true masters and find myself as their student, sharing all that I have experienced with those around me and work to spread peace across the Earth!

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  1. tim says:

    Hey there did you ever look up metal healing power/properties?

    • Spirit Studios says:

      Absolutely! Are you referring more to the metals in the periodic table of elements (Gold, silver, copper etc.)

      • tim says:

        I mean like having crystal healing properties but as a metal object.

        • Spirit Science says:

          Each metal would have its own property, so it would depend on the type of metal used. There is a great list of metal properties when used in Orgonite which you can read about here.

          Beyond that depending on the type of object created and if it has any symbology on it, the properties of the metal with merge together with the intention of the object creating a mix between the two. Many objects like this exist and have been used in spiritual practices for ages! See Ghanta, Kamandula and Vajra.

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