October Full Moon 2018

Here is Why You Should Be Excited For The October Full Moon 2018

If you are feeling stuck and bored, you may not be soon. Even though Fall is upon us, it is not time to hibernate yet. Instead, the full moon on October 24th, 2018 is bringing excitement and a lot of change. These next 15 days before the new moon may bring unexpected encounters with like-minded individuals, which may even lead to dating.

These opportunities will come fast and when least expected—so keep your eyes open! Your biggest love story yet may be just around the corner. It may do the same to your finances; sudden changes can turn uncertain future into positive reassurance that you need.

Emotional Strength To Finally Overcome Challenges!

It is still Venus retrograde until November 16th, but with this full moon’s energy, cannot stop you from pursuing a long-lasting relationship. Let’s be clear—it’s not the best idea to get into a relationship during Venus retrograde, but there is zero reason to hesitate putting effort towards meeting new people and building a serious relationship.

October Full Moon Lepidolite

If you have been stuck in the same relationship cycle whether with the same person, different individuals, or being single this full moon’s qualities will provide you with the emotional strength to break free from any of these cycles. You will be able to assess your romantic life with a clear and fresh look, and become self-aware where you may be sabotaging your own happiness.

You will see where there are still negative tendencies, what triggers you still have, and where your relationships are or have been unhealthy. Once you know the truth about your personal relationships and what to do, you will have the strength to commit to making something wonderful a reality.

You will have until the next new moon to make all the necessary emotional clearings needed to start a new page in your romantic history.

Crystal To The Rescue: To help build your emotional harmony, try working with Lepidolite. This light purple gemstone is great for working on relationships; it can help ground you, and open you up to love in a stress-free manor. It is especially useful if you have anxiety about being in a relationship or any type of commitment.

If You Are Single…

Speaking of unexpected opportunities, during this time you may feel a stronger need for a strong, stable companionship. If you are single, this is great news, because you will have a chance to meet a strong soulmate and partner at this time. This will not be a fling. You will match with someone who is also looking for a long-term commitment.

Investing In Long Term Goals

October Full Moon New LoveIt is important that you focus on any long-term goals right now. That includes romance and financial goals. You may be tempted to go for short term rewards, but you are advised to prioritize real change for your future.

If you are in a relationship, be honest with yourself if this is someone you want to spend many years or a lifetime with. If so, make sure to prioritize them in your life, make them feel as special as they are to you. If you are single, focus your attention on manifesting and attracting this type of a person into your life.

If you are focused on the big picture—where do you want to be in life and who with—you will use the energy of this full moon wisely. Happy harvesting energy!



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