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11 Powerful Feng Shui Tips to Get the Most Out of This Summer Season

Feng shui is the ancient art and practice of bringing harmony into your environment. It can be used on daily basis and on different occasions to bring you luck, health, and prosperity. Tips for feng shui may vary season to season as each is associated with a different force of nature. Feng shui tips for this summer can help you use the passion of this hot season, while also finding the time to rejuvenate and cool down without burning yourself out.

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The Origins of Feng Shui

Feng shui first originated over 3,000 years ago in China and is now used today around the world. Literally translated as “wind” and “water,” feng shui works with the elements of nature to distinguish good and lucky from bad and unlucky energies. By changing the location of different elements in homes, outdoors, and even in the way you dress, this practice helps bring luck, abundance, love, and good health into your life.

This practice is unique because it brings together physics, astronomy, astrology, and philosophy. Together, these work with the forces of nature, Chi or vital life energy, and the Taoist theory of yin and yang—the polarity of life itself.

Each object in your environment emits a different energy which can be altered based on where it is placed, what color it is, and how it interacts with other objects vibrationally.

Feng shui is a study that can be practiced for a lifetime, and there is no lack of ways to use it. Going through different phases of life, and different seasons, it can be transformed to add balance and intensify positive energies in your life.

Summer Feng Shui Tips

This summer, try using feng shui as a celebration of its fire element to add an extra spark to your life, while also adding a balancing cooling effect. The following feng shui tips will help you connect better energetically and spiritually with your environment during this season.

Feng Shui ChimesBring More Light Into Your Home

The warm seasons of later spring and summer are here to return light and heat into your life after the hibernating nature of the winter season. These summer feng shui tips will transform your environment to match this bright and joyful energy by adding small, simple, and effective changes to your physical home.

· Keep your home as bright as possible by opening up all windows and curtains, and turning on more natural light sources.
· Hang wind chimes outside to fuel positive energy with inviting and lively sounds.
· Bring more indoor plants and flowers into your home. These will lighten up anyone’s mood and celebrate rebirth.

Balance Heat With Calming Energies

Summer has the ability to fuel you with fire, passion, and incredible energy. In feng shui, summer is associated with yang or with flaming hot energy. And it shows! You may be drawn to find passionate love, spend all your time socializing, and go traveling.
The only concern with this powerful energy is to not let you burn out! To help keep a balanced lifestyle with plenty of needed rest, try the following feng shui tips to harmonize your environment.

· If you have too much red or orange color in your home, balance them out by bringing in blue and green accent pieces.
· If you use a ceiling fan, the energy coming straight down from it can be disruptive to health. To prevent this negative vibration from harming you, all you have to do is hang a healing crystal from the pull chain.
· If you spend time on your porch or deck, pay attention to what you put on it. Choose high-quality furniture and objects.
· De-clutter your office by throwing out old papers and broken office supplies.

Feng Shui BaguaCreate An Energetic Space in Your Home

Summers power of creating light and passion can be harnessed and placed in your home to serve you all year. This can be especially beneficial if you live in generally colder climates with harsh and long winters.

Summers energy is also associated with the “fame and reputation” corner of the house, and this is exactly the place to create this energetic space.

This corner is located in the upper middle section of the nine sections of the home as shown on the Bagua Map—an ancient tool that helps bring feng shui to practice.

Here are the feng shui tips on bringing more abundance to this corner which will store this hot, summer energy all year.

· Place red items in this corner of the house. Use candles, burning incense, salt lamps, and even a type of a fireplace if possible.
· De-clutter the space to allow free flow of energy. Fire goes out when it lacks air.
· Place cactus and succulents to represent land with hot weather year round.
· Add red crystals to add creative energy.
· Hang artwork to inspire feelings of joy and positivity.

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