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10 Feng Shui Tips to Bring Positive Energy into Your Life

Feng Shui can be a powerful tool in allowing energy to flow well throughout your space and your life. Here are 10 tips to take into consideration when designing your space so you can get the most of it.

The Front Door
The front door of your house is very important for feng shui because it is where the chi enters your home. Keep your front door in good condition because it represents wealth. Try to also open up your front door so the energy can flow through, this creates an open and inviting space for positive energy so try to use your front door as much as possible. To draw more energy to your front door, put a plant and a light on either side of the door. If you put a red-flowering plant or something with red outside or around your door it will attract energy, fortune, and luck. If you have a fountain, you can put it inside or outside of your door. This can be very advantageous. Make sure the water is flowing towards the center of your home.

Feng Shui BedroomThe Bedroom
The placement of your bed will help you feel safer and have a better sleep. It should be placed opposite the door but your feet should never be pointing directly at it and the bed should not be in line with the door. When in bed, you should have a clear view of the room and the door though. Your bed should have a headboard and it should be against the wall. Putting bedside tables on either side of your bed will help increase support. Place curvy lamps and lightly-scented candles on the tables to create romantic energy. Electronics and workout equipment in the bedroom are not a good idea because they can be disruptive to the calming and quiet energy. Move as many electronics away from the bedroom as possible and whatever has to stay keep at minimum 2 feet away from the bed and keep them turned off. If you have a TV you can cover it up with a nice scarf or fabric. To keep calming energy in your room, try to paint it a light neutral color.

The Office or Home Office
The biggest thing about your office is your desk. Make sure it is placed in the commanding position so it is opposite the door, so you can see the whole room and the door. This will allow you to think and see more clearly. Make sure your back is never facing the door or large window. Try to also place your desk so it isn’t facing a solid wall, this will drain your concentration and creativity. Try placing plants behind your chair or have your back to a solid wall.

Feng Shui KitchenThe Kitchen
The kitchen is a very important place in your home because it is a place of nourishment and relationship. Make sure that the sink and the stove are not opposite of each other because that will cause a fire and water clash and this could cause arguments. If there is space on top of your cabinets place lights, plants or loved object on top of it to give that space some life energy. When choosing a color for your kitchen try to avoid reds and blacks because these can also cause a fire and water crash.

The Bathroom
Make sure when you are not using the bathroom to keep the door closed and the toilet seat cover is down. Try to keep your bathroom clean and full of things to create good feng shui. Make sure your front door and your bathroom door is not in direct alignment with each other, this is really bad feng shui. Having your bathroom in the center of your house is also bad feng shui. Putting a mirror on the bathroom door will help keep energy from going down the drain. Try putting plants, candles and pleasant scents in your bathroom to create good energy.

The Hallway
Once all the energy flows into your house through the front door it will go into your hallway so make sure you keep it clutter free so the energy can move around. If you have too much clutter in the hallway it might cause dead or stagnant energy to be there. Once you clean up the clutter the feelings of guilt and unrest will also go away. The hallway represents opportunities. Place coats and shoes inside a cabinet and put fresh flowers and a mirror to add to the energy of the space. You can also put artwork up and this will help uplift the energy. It is a good idea to put a piece of artwork at the end of the hall as well.

The Living Room
Put the main sofa against a solid wall to create support and do not block any doors with furniture. If you put a lamp in the corner of the room, opposite the door, you can activate wealth energy. Make sure the room is clean and clutter free. Try to make it a space for both children and adults. If you feel as if the room will get messed up easily by children or pets then it isn’t a family space and you should figure out how to make it into one. Try to create balance in your living room with your furniture.

Feng Shui BathroomUsing Plants
Plants are a wood element so they have a lot of life energy. They help to bring some nature into the space. Plants represent growth, prosperity and good luck so putting them around your house will help your feng shui a lot. Different plants create different types of energy in the house so make sure to have something in mind when looking for plants. If you want to create serenity more rounded plants will help create that calming effect.

Using Mirrors
The mirror represents the water element. A mirror should not be placed in a bedroom or at least not in line with your bed. It causes a distraction so if you have a mirror in your room try to have it off to the side. Mirrors are believed to create a lot of energy and stirring it up so they are not good to have in an area of rest. Try to keep your mirrors not in line with windows either, this could bring negative energies inside.

Lights represent the yang energy and the fire element. So you can try to put lights around some of your water elements to balance it out, Using incandescent or warm-colored lights will help create ambient light and promote the feeling of happiness and inspiration. Lamps can also represent wealth so putting them in your house will increase your wealth energy. Using natural lighting as much as possible is best though.

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